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Repairs/Lost iPads

What to do if your iPad requires a repair

Should your iPad be damaged it is very important to remember that school iPads (scheme and loan iPads) can only be repaired through the school’s repair service and not through any third party. This is to protect both the quality of the parts used as well as the quality of the repair.

Should any iPad be repaired by a third party, students would have the iPad reclaimed.

For those years where an iPad is mandatory for the whole year group (currently Year 7 and Year 10 after the launch of the Y10 iPad scheme later this year) students would move immediately to a 'leave at school' iPad.

'Leave at school' iPads are provided on loan. They are collected/returned each school day from a designated collection point in school and are restricted to school use only.  They are not allowed home except in very exceptional circumstances.

Students with 'leave at school' iPad status can have restrictions lifted after a student has been 12 months damage-free and there is no money owed to school. If there is an iPad scheme on offer after restrictions are lifted, the student is then invited to join.

Please email iPads at if you wish to ask a question that is not covered on these pages.