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School Transport

Seventeen buses come in and out of Rossett School on a daily basis. For many students, the journey to school on a bus is an integral part of the school day. 

The majority of students at Rossett School use school transport to get to school. Such students fall into one of 3 categories;

  1. Students living in North Yorkshire who live more than 3 miles from school (measured by the shortest safe walking route)   (The regions).
  2. Students living in North Yorkshire who live less than 3 miles from school (measured by the shortest safe walking route) (Harrogate)
  3. Students living in Leeds who pay to use a bus service organised by the bus company “Tetley’s of Leeds” on behalf of Rossett School parents, (Leeds)


This includes information for students in each category. Please ignore information which does not apply to your child.

Students living in North Yorkshire who live more than 3 miles from school (measured by the shortest safe walking route) (THE REGIONS)

The Local Authority is required by law to provide free transport to a student’s local school. Rossett can be considered the local school for anyone living in the Harrogate Town or Rural areas. The North Yorkshire website contains all the relevant information at School and college transport | North Yorkshire County Council . On this website there are frequently asked questions, the Local Authority’s policy document, all the timetables of routes serving Rossett and downloadable forms and leaflets, along with lots more useful information. If you live more than 3 miles away you will automatically be sent the appropriate bus pass as the beginning of the school year approaches.


Students living in North Yorkshire who live less than 3 miles from school (measured by the shortest safe walking route) (HARROGATE)

North Yorkshire County Council has a policy whereby students not eligible for free school transport can still use some school bus services provided there is spare capacity. Students have to pay to use the service as they are not eligible for free transport (current prices are £1-90 single, £2-90 return per day or a weekly ticket at £9-60.) The weekly ticket extends beyond school services and allows U19 to use any buses around the local Harrogate area for a period of 7 days, including weekends.


The bus timetables can be found at Timetables & Maps - The Harrogate Bus Company (

Relevant bus routes are S2,S3,S6,8A, 620H  - click here to view these routes and times.

Students living in Leeds 

Whilst parents of students living in Leeds may transport their child/children to school by whatever means they choose, the majority of students travelling from Leeds use the Tetley’s of Leeds Bus service. Details of the services are below and maps are available on the Tetley’s website .

Your support for the School run service is greatly appreciated, however, there is also the option to use the ‘36’ bus and purchase an U19 Gold student pass which is £730 for the year as of 1 July 2023.

The cost of a bus pass to use the Tetley’s bus service is currently £850 per year and this can be paid through SCOPAY.  If you wish to reserve a seat please contact so your name can be added to SCOPAY.

In order to secure a place we require a non-refundable deposit of £130 to be paid by Friday, 25 August 2023. 

Bus places are limited and will be granted on a first come, first serve basis on receipt of the paid deposit.

*Please note that having gained a place on the bus successfully the previous year, does not automatically roll over into the next school year. Places are only guaranteed by following the above method*.

After successfully securing a place on one of our services, the fees for the pass can be paid in full or by making 9 monthly payments from September 2023 and are payable using the school’s online payments system, SCOPAY. Parents new to the school will be prompted to set up a SCOPAY account in September.


The fees for the Leeds Buses are £850 per year

Payment Schedule Amounts Due Dates

Non – refundable deposit £130.00 August Deadline

Date Monthly


September 2023               £80                                         February 2024                    £80

October 2023                    £80                                         March 2024                        £80

November 2023                £80                                         April 2024                           £80

December 2023                £80                                         May 2024                            £80

January 2024                    £80                                        




Bus Behaviour

Rossett School expects that its students can travel in reasonable safety and comfort, arriving at school without undue stress and able to benefit from the education provided.

Working closely with Harrogate and Leeds bus companies, we expect the following behaviour from our parents and students:


Parents/carers are requested to:

  • Respond promptly to the monthly requests for payments ensuring that all payments are promptly received. Non-payment will result in the right to travel being withdrawn.
  • Commit to paying for the subsidised bus service for the full year unless there are exceptional circumstances such as a house-move or the student leaving the school. (A student passing their driving test will not be deemed to be an exceptional circumstance!)
  • Deposits paid are non-refundable and must be paid in order to secure a place on the bus.
  • Pay for any damage to the fabric of the vehicles caused by students.
  • Ensure their child knows what to do if they miss the bus or if there is a delay.

Students are expected to:

  • Respect each other and the driver of the bus.
  • Remain seated throughout the journey.
  • Where seatbelts where available
  • Carry their passes at all times and ensure they are kept in good condition
  • Do as the driver asks as the driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers
  • Keep the bus clean, removing any rubbish.
  • Treat the bus itself with care, being careful not to cause any damage.
  • Behave in accordance with the school rules ensuring they are calm and sensible.
  • Be at their stop on time in the morning and ready to depart from school promptly at the end of the school day (the bus will not wait for students who are late).
  • Show their pass for services which require a pass or the sticker provided to attach to their Sixth Form lanyard.
  • Misbehaviour will not be tolerated and students will be unable to use the service

The school reserves the right to:

  • Amend routes and timings to better match overall student demand.
  • Apply sanctions to students who do not follow the guidelines above which may include suspending their right to use the service for a period of time

In the event that a bus is running significantly late, attempts will be made by the school to contact students to inform them of the situation.

Students and their parents are primarily responsible for dealing with anti-social behaviour on transport to school. Deliberate damage to a bus will lead to parents having to pay the bill and the bus company is likely to ban those involved from using any of their buses for a limited period. Bus companies are applying a zero tolerance attitude to poor behaviour and this may lead to a permanent ban with no right to appeal.

Any issues should be raised by contacting


The Leeds Late Bus runs on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4.30pm