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School Transport

Thirty two buses come in and out of Rossett School on a daily basis. For many students, the journey to school on a bus is an integral part of the school day. 

The majority of students at Rossett School use school transport to get to school. Such students fall into one of 3 categories;

  1. Students living in North Yorkshire who live more than 3 miles from school (measured by the shortest safe walking route)   (The regions).
  2. Students living in North Yorkshire who live less than 3 miles from school (measured by the shortest safe walking route) (Harrogate)
  3. Students living in Leeds who pay to use a bus service organised by the bus company “Tetley’s of Leeds” on behalf of Rossett School parents, (Leeds)


This includes information for students in each category. Please ignore information which does not apply to your child.

Students living in North Yorkshire who live more than 3 miles from school (measured by the shortest safe walking route) (THE REGIONS)

The Local Authority is required by law to provide free transport to a student’s local school. Rossett can be considered the local school for anyone living in the Harrogate Town or Rural areas. The North Yorkshire website contains all the relevant information at School and college transport | North Yorkshire County Council . On this website there are frequently asked questions, the Local Authority’s policy document, all the timetables of routes serving Rossett and downloadable forms and leaflets, along with lots more useful information. If you live more than 3 miles away you will automatically be sent the appropriate bus pass as the beginning of the school year approaches.


Students living in North Yorkshire who live less than 3 miles from school (measured by the shortest safe walking route) (HARROGATE)

North Yorkshire County Council has a policy whereby students not eligible for free school transport can still use some school bus services provided there is spare capacity. Students have to pay to use the service as they are not eligible for free transport (current prices are £1-90 single, £2-90 return per day or a weekly ticket at £9-60.) The weekly ticket extends beyond school services and allows U19 to use any buses around the local Harrogate area for a period of 7 days, including weekends.


The bus timetables can be found at Timetables & Maps - The Harrogate Bus Company (

Relevant bus routes are S2,S3,S6,8A, 620H  - click here to view these routes and times.

Students living in Leeds who pay to use the service organised by the school on behalf of parents

Whilst parents of students living in Leeds may transport their child/children to school by whatever means they choose, the majority of students travelling from Leeds use the transport service organised in conjunction with the school and operated by “Tetley’s Coaches of Leeds”. All parents of Leeds students wishing to use the service are able to buy a pass online for their designated bus, usually the route which is most convenient for the student’s home address. Information letters are sent out during the summer holidays. More information is available from the Tetleys website at School services | Tetley's Coaches ( The cost is currently £785 per year for a single payment at the start of the year, or £814 should you wish to use the Direct Debit system.

A child is able to use the service as soon as they start in September.  Please click the links to see the current routes which have been supplied by Tetley's:

Please click here to view all school bus routes serving Rossett School

Please note these routes may vary from year to year subject to the location of the new Year 7 intake.

Bus Behaviour

Rossett School expects that its students can travel in reasonable safety and comfort, arriving at school without undue stress and able to benefit from the education provided.

Working closely with Harrogate and Leeds bus companies, we expect the following behaviour from our students:

  • Students to remain in their seats throughout the journey.
  • Students to wear seatbelts, where available.
  • Eligible students to carry their passes at all times and ensure they are kept in good condition.
  • Students to do as the driver asks, as the driver is responsible for the safety of their passengers.

Students and their parents are primarily responsible for dealing with anti-social behaviour on transport to school. Deliberate damage to a bus will lead to parents having to pay the bill and the bus company is likely to ban those involved from using any of their buses for a limited period. Bus companies are applying a zero tolerance attitude to poor behaviour and this may lead to a permanent ban with no right to appeal. Please refer to the Bus Code of Conduct Policy for further information.

Any issues  should be raised by contacting