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June 2019

Dear Parent/Carer


Our school received a visit from Ofsted to inspect provision at the school in June of this year. As it was conducted during the period where most of the upper school and all of the Sixth Form were not available or in school, you may not have been aware of their visit from your child. This was our first inspection since the Academy was formed.


I am writing to let you know that the decision of the inspection team was to judge the Sixth Form provision as ‘Good’, but to judge the school as ‘Requires improvement’.  I wish to explain what led to the outcome, what we need to do to improve and to share with you the many positive aspects of the school that the inspection team saw during their visit.


The inspection team were keen to look at the quality of provision in the Sixth Form where outcomes have improved. They wanted to particularly examine the outcomes for Key Stage 4 disadvantaged students, and to look at students’ work for key groups in Years 7-10. Finally, they wanted to review procedures at the school to ensure that your children are safe with us.


The school accepts the findings of the report, although we believe that in reaching this overall judgement, the inspection team did not see, or give full credit, to all that we do well.


We also recognise that all schools, whatever their Ofsted grade, do require improvement and can be even better; we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our improvement, following the publication of the report.  As a result, our key areas of focus in the months and years ahead will be:


  • A close focus on continuing to improve the progress and attendance of disadvantaged students.
  • Further improving the consistency of teaching, learning and assessment in lessons across the school.
  • Making sure that behaviour and attendance strategies are further embedded.
  • Building upon our principled curriculum decisions in Key Stage 4 to ensure improved outcomes for all groups of students.
  • Ensuring that leadership, management and governance are consistently strong.


The leadership team and the Governors have already taken steps to look at the areas for improvement as outlined in the Ofsted report, and will move forward together in discussing, agreeing and implementing the school’s action plan for September.


The report highlights a number of areas in which the school’s provision for children is strong.  Some quotations from the report will give you a flavour of these.


On safeguarding, behaviour and personal development, they wrote that:


“There is a strong culture of safeguarding throughout the school.”


“Pupils report that they feel safe and that they are confident staff will support them.”


“Pupils speak highly of their school and would recommend it to others.”


On the curriculum, teaching, learning and achievement, they said that:


The progress of current pupils is improving overall.”


Those with SEND benefit from the high-quality support that they receive in the classroom. Those who are most able, benefit from challenging tasks and skilful questioning from their teachers.”


“Pupils who are disadvantaged are beginning to make better progress than they have in the past.”


Regarding the sixth form provision, the team agreed with our judgement of Good:


“Leadership in the Sixth Form is good. Teaching, learning and assessment in the Sixth Form is good.”


“Leaders have high expectations of students.”


“They (students) benefit from a comprehensive personal development programme…this promotes a culture of tolerance and respect.”


And finally, Ofsted recognised that:


 “Senior leaders and governors recognise correctly the priorities for improvement.” 


“The school works collaboratively with other schools and with alternative curriculum providers in the local area and beyond. This is a strength of the school and leaders are justifiably proud of the work.”


Please click the link below to read the Ofsted report.  There will be an opportunity, early in September for all parents/carers to meet with staff to discuss the published report.


Whilst Ofsted’s judgements are important, we passionately believe Rossett is a strongly inclusive school that continues to serve well a wide community of learners. Together we will meet the challenges of the report and strive to be even better.


Yours sincerely


H Woodcock                                                   J Hesketh
Headteacher                                                   Chair of Governors