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PAN Consultation

We are entering a 6-week period of consultation for the reduction of the Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for September 2024.  This will not affect existing Rossett students, but you may wish to be part of the consultation. Please click on the letter below for further information.

PAN Consultation letter

Rossett School: Proposal document to reduce the Published Admission Number for September 2024

The Governing Body and the Leadership Team of Rossett School propose to reduce the Published Admission Number (PAN) for new Year 7 pupils from 250 to 210, to take effect from September 2024.

The proposed change will help our school effectively focus its learning and teaching resources to significantly improve the education offered at Rossett School. We are working hard to continue to improve the outcomes of all our pupils and feel strongly that the proposed reduction will benefit future outcomes for our young learners, whilst still enabling us to meet the demand of places.

There will be no other changes to the admission arrangements. The proposed change will not affect the current pupils or those who choose to accept an offer for a Year 7 place in September 2023.  All current and future parents and any other interested stakeholders can make comments on this proposal, information on how you can do this is detailed at the end of this letter, under the section titled “How to make your views known”.

Although the Regulations and Code of Practice relating to school admissions no longer require an admissions authority to consult when maintaining or increasing a school’s PAN, there remains a requirement to consult when the proposal is to reduce.

Specific Proposal

The school proposes to reduce the Published Admission Number (PAN) from 250 to 210 with effect from September 2024. This means that the number of school places for pupils wishing to request a place to attend Rossett School in Year 7 in 2024 will be 210, as will all subsequent Year 7 cohorts thereafter. For pupils who already have a place at Rossett School in other year groups, there will be no change. This is the only proposed change to the admissions criteria; all other criteria will remain the same.

It is important for us to consider the views of our parents and the wider community.


The Rossett School Academy Trust is the Admission Authority for Rossett School.

They can be contacted via:

The Clerk to the Governing Body
Rossett School
Green Lane

Or by email

Mrs S Daly, Associate Assistant Headteacher, deals with admissions on behalf of the school.She is able to advise on available places in any year group and on any other admission issues. For admissions queries please contact

Academies are their own admission authority and admissions to Rossett School in Years 7-11 are coordinated by North Yorkshire Local Authority on behalf of the school.  Admissions applications should be completed through the North Yorkshire Local Authority website:

Please see our Admissions Arrangements for further information.

Additionally, as Rossett is a popular school, the local authority currently manages the appeals process on behalf of the Academy Trust when year groups are full.

Details of the appeals process are available from the local authority see details below for contact information.

Harrogate Area Education Office

Telephone: 0845 0349420


Our Admissions Criteria can be found here:                           



Proposed 2024-2025

Our Sixth Form Admissions Policy is available under Sixth Form