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Success for everyone

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At Rossett we like to celebrate the success of both current and former students. 

We know that many former students have gone on to varied careers and that we have ex-Rossett students who are airline pilots, journalists, musicians, in caring professions and there are some who have been extremely successful in setting up their own businesses and in the fields of sport and entertainment.

SSR - Sophie SandeverMy name is Sophie Sandever.  I attended Rossett School between 2005 and 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed my experience of both the broad and rich curriculum and the numerous extra-curricular activities on offer.  I studied Biology, Chemistry and Music at A Level, however I finished Sixth Form not really sure of what I wanted to do next.  Through my involvement in the Arts department during my time as a student, I was offered the opportunity to work as an Art Technician and Teaching Assistant.  I was very passionate about supporting the students who found learning difficult and found it incredibly fulfilling to assist them and ensure they received the wonderful education experience at Rossett that I too had received.  I occasionally helped by covering music lessons too, which led to me being offered the role of Learning Manager for the following year.  My experience in this role helped me to decide that I wanted to pursue a career in education; I went to Sheffield Hallam University to study Science with Education and QTS, specialising in Biology.  When I completed my degree I was thrilled to discover a vacancy within Rossett's Science department and I was overjoyed to be selected for the position.  By returning to this wonderful school that has given me such a great experience, I now have the opportunity to pass this experience on to other Rossett students.  I have been asked 'is it strange to be working with your old teachers?' - in truth is is not strange at all - it feels completely natural to me to return to the fantastic community of Rossett and watch many more students have an educational experience that not only furthers them academically, but provides them with the skills necessary to pursue whichever career they desire and live 'wholly rounded lives'.

JST- Jen ScottMy name is Jen Scott and I studied at Rossett from 2006-2013, at A Level I studied English Language, IT, Psychology and Spanish. I joined Rossett School  as an IT Technician where I was responsible for a multitude of tasks including iPads, fixing broken computers and I also helped implement the VIVO rewards system. I am currently working as a Student Administration Assistant which involves administering the school's iPad Scheme, organising parents' evenings and student reports and supporting the administration of the exams process.  It is a varied and busy role and I am pleased to be able to further enhance my skills in this rewarding environment.
My name is Philippa Wordsworth (nee Davies). I attended Rossett High School between 1986-1991. I took A levels in English Literature, French, German and General Studies. I was Social  whilst in the Sixth Form at Rossett and had the dubious honour of organising the Sixth Form Christmas ball, as well as other events. I went on to read law at Manchester University. In 1995, I was called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn, after taking my Bar examinations at the Inns of Court School of Law, in London. I am now a practising barrister at Zenith Chambers in Leeds, specialising in family law.
My name is Laura Atkinson I was a student at Rossett between 2004 and 2011 where one of my main passions was studying textiles. It was thanks to Mr Holmes and Mrs Webster that I was able to get an A* at GCSE and hold Rossetts highest grade for textiles at the time. I was also awarded the achievements award for textiles and also helped in the younger years classes while I was in sixth form. It was through this help and drive that I am now in my final year studying fashion design at Northumbria University.
PJS - PJ StubbsMy name is PJ Stubbs and I am 23 years old, I have competed at a high level in boxing and  was  2x Yorkshire heavy weight champion and ranked 8th in England. I was at Rossett from Year 7 through to Year 13; at Sixth Form I studied one A Level in BTEC-Sport and also achieved my Maths and English GCSE. I then finished Sixth Form on the Friday and came back to Rossett on Monday as a Teaching Assistant! In this role I was based in the Bridge/Social Inclusion and helped students who struggled with different aspects of school, weather it was behaviour, work-load or anxiety. It was a really rewarding role as I struggled with school myself so it was nice to help students who had the same issues.  Given this amazing and supportive background I then had the courage to 'follow my dream' and applied for a position as a trainee Aborist - I wouldn't have been able to do this without the amazing support of everyone at Rossett School.

We would like to invite former students to come and visit us and share their stories and life experiences with our current students, and hopefully meet some of the staff that may have influenced them during their time at Rossett. 

We would also be grateful if you could pass these details on to any former students you may know.