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Welcome to Rossett School.

Transition to secondary school is a time of great change and we have set up this page to give you updates on transition arrangements for this year as well as offering useful resources and exciting activities to help make the process run smoothly.

If your child has not yet completed their Student Profile, please ask them to do so at their earliest convenience.  The information they provide is an important part of us learning more about them, before they begin in September.  Please use the link here.

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Transition arrangements

Resources and Activities

Sixth Form Listeners

An important part of our transition process is our Sixth Form Listener Team. The Listeners are a group of Year 12 students who have undertaken a full training programme, which has provided them with a variety of skills to support the transition of students into Year 7. The Listeners are assigned to a Year 7 Form Group and will be there as a ‘peer mentor’ for the students - supporting them throughout their time in Year 7.

Students would normally have the opportunity to meet their ‘Listener’ during the transition days. Therefore, to enable the students to still have the opportunity to ask questions, which they may not want to ask their Head of Year, the Listeners have provided their emails addresses, along with a short background about themselves, so that the students can contact them before they start.

Click here to access the Listener profiles.

Transition 'Lockdown' Challenge Number 1

Spending more time at home has resulted in many of us learning new skills, starting new hobbies or undertaking tasks that we may not have done before, such as baking or completing some household chores! I have been doing lots of baking, made a new herb planter for my garden and we’ve had our first pet join our family - a new baby rabbit called Ffion. 

Your first challenge is to share with us what you have been doing that has kept you busy whilst you have been at home. Please send one photograph that you are happy for us to share. The most creative will receive a prize and will feature in the weekly Rossett Newsletter. Please ask your Parent/Carer to send your entry to by Friday 12 June 2020, confirming that they are happy for the photograph to be included in the newsletter.
I look forward to receiving your photographs.

Tranisition 'Lockdown' Challenge Number 2

This week is all about books! Reading is an important part of our school curriculum and we are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated Learning Resource Centre at Rossett School, where you can sit and read at break time and lunchtime or borrow books on a regular basis. We have an amazing librarian called Mrs Huett who keeps our range of books up to date and is a fountain of knowledge and always eager to pass on her recommendations.

The second challenge is to write a book review. I would like you to review a recent book you have either read or listened to, explaining in no more than 150 words, why your friends would enjoy it. Please email your review to me  by Friday 26 June at 4pm.

Transition 'Lockdown' Challenge Number 3

For this week’s challenge, Mrs Grabham would like the students to think about a role model; someone that they aspire to be like or whose beliefs and behaviours are something which the students admire. The role model could be someone the students know and interact with on a regular basis, such as a family member, a coach or a friend. Or they may be someone they have never met, such as  a sports person, actor or celebrity. Mrs Grabham would like students to tell me who their role model is and why they have chosen this person. Students can be as creative as they wish with this challenge and submit it as either a written piece of work (no more than 250 words) or as a picture or collage. However, they must include the reason why they have chosen this person. All entries must be submitted to  by 4pm on Wednesday 8th July.

Mrs Grabham
Director of Learning (Year 7)

If you have any questions about the transition process, please contact: