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Welcome to Rossett School.

Transition to secondary school is a time of great change and we have set up this page to give you updates on transition arrangements for this year as well as offering useful resources and exciting activities to help make the process run smoothly.

If your child has not yet completed their Student Profile, please ask them to do so at their earliest convenience.  The information they provide is an important part of us learning more about them, before they begin in September.  Please use the link here.

Transition arrangements

Due to national restrictions, we were not able to offer a face-to-face induction experience this side of the summer holidays. However, we have produced a series of presentations, videos and key documents including:

  • a welcome from the key people involved in your child's care in September including Mrs Grabham (Director of Learning for Year 7);

  • a pastoral presentation from Mr Saunders (Associate Deputy Headteacher KS3) which will outline the key aspects of life at Rossett School such as: rewards, enrichment opportunities, behaviour expectations, safeguarding and support available to your child;

  • a curriculum presentation which will outline the purpose of our knowledge rich curriculum and what your child can expect to learn in Year 7 and beyond;
  • a virtual tour of the school so your child can visualise the school site and get to picture themselves walking the corridors and outdoor spaces for the first time:

  • pen portraits from your child's form tutor so they can get to know a bit about them;
  • the launch of a summer competition for your child to take part in;

  • the transition handbook which is the central document detailing everything you need to know about food, transport, uniform, technology, equipment, timings of the day etc.. Please note there are some important online forms that need to be completed here.

Please click here to view these presentations.

Although the live induction events before the summer holiday have had to be cancelled, we will be dedicating more time in September to induction activities to make sure your child feels comfortable, happy, and excited about joining our school community. 


Mr Saunders                                                          Mrs Grabham                                                     
Deputy Headteacher                                          Director of Learning (Year 7)

If you have any questions about the transition process, please contact: