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Success for everyone

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The core purpose of our curriculum here at Rossett is to prepare our young people to have the attitudes, values, knowledge and skills that they will need to function with confidence and competence in the modern word. To do so, we aim to fulfill the following key principles:

  • To ensure our students experience a broad and balanced curriculum that gives them the best opportunities in later life and is underpinned by our belief in the limitless potential of our students;
  • To provide a rigorous academic curriculum that is challenging, enriching and accessible to all, whilst offering an equally challenging vocational opportunity for students whom these are best suited;
  • To differentiate our curriculum in appropriate pathways for specific cohorts of students;
  • To provide continuity and progression between the key stages, using assessment intelligently and to inform learning, and not solely as a tool for summative judgment;
  • To provide a coherent programme of personal, health, social and economic education that ensures our students become confident citizens;
  • To recognise the importance of co-curricular opportunities which take place out of normal lesson time or the school day;
  • To provide expert, up-to-date careers guidance that is presented impartially and gives our students access to the best information available to schools;
  • To promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs;
  • To ensure that students are best prepared for national examinations and the increasing academic demands of terminal examinations;
  • To maintain the highest standards of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum so that students have essential skills for life.

Key Stage 3

Rossett school students receive a rich and varied, broad and balanced curriculum within Key Stage 3, in accordance with the National Curriculum and enriched by a wide range of additional opportunities for learning and personal development.  Whilst utilising the best teaching and learning strategies, we aim to develop the individual student to a high level of competence in all subject areas. The Key Stage 3 curriculum aims to ensure students enjoy learning and develop the attitudes, understanding, skills and confidence to thrive in a changing world.  Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is taught in the following subject areas:

  • Art
  • English
  • Computer Science
  • Design Technology
  • Drama
  • French or Spanish
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • Science

In addition to the mainstream curriculum, some students with specific educational needs receive additional Literacy and Numeracy support, as well a personalised nurture programme of study aimed at developing social skills.

Key Stage 4

The notion of Key Stage 4 pathways are introduced as advice to students and parents on how they can continue to follow a broad and balanced curriculum that is suited to their individual needs.  We aspire for every student to complete Year 11 with the best set of GCSE/Level 2 qualifications to take them on to their next stage of learning whether this is Post 16 study, employment or training. 

We offer a wide range of GCSE/Level 2 qualifications:

GCSE Qualifications:

  • AQA GCSE in Art and Design Fine Art
  • AQA GCSE in Art and Design Graphic Communications
  • AQA GCSE in Biology
  • AQA GCSE in Chemistry
  • AQA GCSE in Combined Science: Trilogy
  • AQA GCSE in Design and Technology
  • AQA GCSE in Drama
  • AQA GCSE in Economics
  • AQA GCSE in English Language
  • AQA GCSE in English Literature
  • AQA GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • AQA GCSE in French
  • AQA GCSE in Geography
  • AQA GCSE in Music
  • AQA GCSE in Physics
  • AQA GCSE in Religious Studies Specification A
  • AQA GCSE in Spanish
  • OCR GCSE in Business
  • OCR GCSE in Computer Science
  • OCR GCSE in Physical Education
  • Pearson Edexcel GCSE in History
  • Pearson Edexcel GCSE in Mathematics
  • WJEC Eduqas GCSE in English Language

Other Level 2 Qualifications:

  • LIBF Level 2 Certificate in Financial Education
  • Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Health and Social Care
  • Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts
  • Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Sport
  • Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Music
  • Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Enterprise
  • OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia
  • NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Studies: Craft
  • WJEC Level 1/2 Vocational Award in Hospitality and Catering (Specification A)

All KS4 students complete examined courses in Mathematics, English, Science and a selection of option subjects.  Additionally, all students continue with Physical Education as well as the study of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Form Tutor Programmes.  The taught curriculum is fully supported by a wide range of co-curricular opportunities for learning and personal development.

Key Stage 5

We offer a wide range of A Level and Level 3 qualifications in our Sixth Form. Students typically select three of these courses and receive nine hours of specialist teaching per fortnight for each of those subjects.  The courses on offer are:

A-Level Qualifications:

  • AQA GCE Art and Design (Fine Art)
  • AQA GCE Art and Design (Graphic Communication)
  • AQA GCE Biology
  • AQA GCE Business Studies
  • AQA GCE Chemistry
  • OCR GCE Computer Science
  • OCR GCE Economics
  • AQA GCE English Language
  • WJEC GCE English Literature
  • AQA GCE French
  • AQA GCE Geography
  • AQA GCE History
  • Pearson Edexcel GCE Mathematics
  • Pearson Edexcel GCE Further Mathematics
  • AQA GCE Media Studies
  • AQA GCE Music
  • OCR GCE Religious Studies
  • OCR GCE Physical Education
  • AQA GCE Physics
  • AQA GCE Design and Technology (Product Design)
  • Pearson Edexcel GCE Psychology
  • AQA GCE Sociology
  • AQA GCE Spanish

 Other Level 3 Qualifications:

  • Pearson/Edexcel Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Applied Science
  • Pearson/Edexcel Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care
  • Pearson/Edexcel Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business Studies
  • Pearson/Edexcel Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Performing Arts
  • Pearson/Edexcel Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport
  • Pearson/Edexcel Level 3 National Diploma in Sport
  • Pearson/Edexcel Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Sport
  • WJEC Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition 


Other Qualifications:

In addition, most students will select a fourth additional option of study, which is completed during Year 12:

  • AQA Level 3 Certificate in Mathematical Studies (Core Maths)
  • AQA Level 3 Extended Project Qualification
  • LIBF Level 3 Certificate in Financial Studies
  • Ultimate Football Coaching Academy (UFCA)     

English and Maths GCSE Re-Sits

Where students have not yet achieved a Grade 4 in GCSE English and/or Mathematics, they will typically receive nine hours of specialist teaching per fortnight and are given opportunities to re-sit the examinations in both the November and June Examination series.

Post 16 - Opportunities beyond the classroom

Work experience provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain an insight into the working world, develop important skills and boost confidence. We work with our Year 12 students and their parents to arrange one week's work experience in July. We also coordinate specific work experience opportunities for students applying for competitive courses, including placements at local hospitals and primary schools.

We believe strongly in supporting students’ personal development as well as their academic abilities.  Each year students are able to engage with a range of curricular, co-curricular and bespoke enrichment and personal development opportunities to complement their academic studies. These opportunities include; student leadership opportunities, Sixth Form Listeners, Ambassadors, paired readers, in-class support and a range of sports teams across both year groups

We believe our weekly Personal, Social, Health Education, Citizenship development and enrichment opportunities allow our students to explore their wider interests, learn more about themselves, the country and the wider world. The dedicated PSHE and Citizenship time allows students to gain experiences that they can refer to in applications to UCAS, apprenticeships or the world of work.

 Further information regarding Rossett School’s curriculum can be obtained by contacting Mr C Stone, Deputy Headteacher (