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What to do with your School iPad on leaving

When a student leaves Rossett School they must return their school iPad back to us by their final day or as soon as possible thereafter.

The only exception are those students in an iPad scheme where they have an Option to Buy them (see bottom of page).

All students need to wipe their iPad back to Factory Settings and return the iPad to iPads in the Finance Office.  Where no-one is available to take in the iPad you must return this to the IT Services team instead.

Damaged or Missing Items:

iPads should be returned undamaged with their case and an iPad Charger. This does not need to be an Apple Charger but it does need to be an iPad and not an iPhone charger.

Where items are missing or damaged there will be a fee to pay to school to cover the school’s missing/damaged items.

  • £50 repair fee if the iPad is damaged or not working.
  • £20 replacement fee if the charger is missing or part of it are damaged
  • £25 replacement case fee if the iPad is returned without its case, or the case is missing the front cover

Students who have left us

We prefer iPads to be returned during term-time.  If this is not possible please email our IT Services team at to arrange a mutual date and time in the holidays.

iPads unreturned 14 days after the return has been requested are locked  remotely. We find that this is plenty of time for students to save items they wish to keep before locking takes place and they can no longer open the iPad.

Items like app data generally should be in the student’s iCloud account, and photos should be in the iCloud drive, given that is where everything is backed up to. The iCloud drive can be accessed at any time at You can also save items to OneDrive or another Cloud storage system instead.

Option to buy

Loaned iPads

Loaned iPads are not available for purchase and must be returned to school.  Your child will have a loaned iPad if you have not enrolled in one of our schemes and are not making contributions via the Learning Foundation.

Scheme iPad:

If your child is enrolled in a school iPad scheme they may have the option to buy the iPad, but this is limited to certain schemes and certain dates only.

Please read the details below and, if you believe your child qualifies, please contact the iPads as soon as possible at


Students who are enrolled in school schemes before the school joined the Red Kite Learning Trust on 1st September 2023 have an option to purchase their iPad on leaving. The price is based on current market value and a payment option will be provided at the time of offer.

For all other schemes the option to buy the iPad at the current market rate is at the following points:

  • Mid-way through Year 10 when scheme iPads are automatically upgraded to new ones
  • At the end of Year 11 should students leave us and not progress up to Sixth Form
  • At the end of the scheme in Year 13

NOTE: The iPads Administrator has some discretion if your child is leaving us within a few months of the above and your contributions are up to date.

Transfer of Ownership:

Once payment has been confirmed ownership of the iPad will move from school to home and it will be released from the school’s management system to allow it to be used as a personal device without restriction.