Success for everyone

Success for everyone

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School aims

Since our last Ofsted report we have not been complacent.

It is our aim to be as effective as possible and staff at Rossett work collectively and tirelessly to improve all that we do both in and out of the classroom.  All schools strive to improve further, and we are no exception.


We have high expectations of all our students and alongside excellent examination results our attendance rates are high, as is participation in extra-curricular activities.

We are delighted to have successfully renewed our accreditation for the International School Award for the next three years; this reflects our ongoing commitment to our partner schools abroad and international studies within our curriculum.

Our most important aim is to ensure that all young people develop individual abilities to the highest level:

  • We provide a first class education
  • We offer a relevant and varied curriculum which is personalised to the individual needs of the student
  • We deliver a diverse range of teaching and learning activities which stimulates all students
  • We ensure that each student has high expectations, high self-esteem and value themselves and others
  • We share, recognise and celebrate achievements in every sense and at every level.