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Year 10 Students

From 1 April 2024 onwards the use of an iPad in school will be mandatory for all Year 10 iPad students.  Students can provide their own iPad as an alternative to joining our scheme (see Personal iPads below):


Year 10 iPad Programme 2024

The Year 10 iPad Programme 2024 is now open and accepting applications to join up to Monday 13 February 2024.  Once this deadline has passed the scheme will close to new entrants and scheme iPads will be ordered ready for issue in mid-late March. 

If you are interested in joining our scheme, please set up your Direct Debit and send in your iPad consent form by the deadline above. Please also read the documentation below carefully as, by signing up to the scheme and setting up a direct debit, you are agreeing to its terms and conditions:

Loan iPads

Where students are currently using a school iPad on loan and join the new Year 10 2024 programme, they will be required to return their old iPad to school on issue of the new one (see iPad Returns below).  

Should students with loan iPads not join our scheme they will continue to use their current iPad until they leave us, when it must be returned back to us.  We will make the assumption that your child is remaining with their loaned iPad if you have not enrolled on our new school scheme by the deadline of 13 February 2024.

iPad Returns

iPads should be returned to the IT Services helpdesk team.

All school iPads are subject to a repair fee should it get damaged.  Where an iPad is returned damaged there will be a repair fee payable to school.  Where an iPad charger is missing or damaged the school will need to make a charge to cover its replacement so that it can be used by someone else.  Chargers must be an iPad charger (not an iPhone charger). They can be of any make, not just Apple.   

Personal iPads

Students providing their own iPad for use in school need to inform and complete our iPad consent form (see above).

NOTE: where students have not enrolled on our new scheme by the deadline, and where they do not currently have a loaned iPad from school, we will make the assumption that the student is providing their own iPad for use in school. 


If you have any questions or queries, please email