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Year 7 Students

All Year 7 students from September 2023 onwards are required to have an iPad for their learning.  

Year 7 2023 iPad Scheme:

The Year 7 2023 iPad scheme is now closed.  For a limited period of time, however, we can offer a late place on the scheme subject to the following:

  • Please read the iPads for Learning Document and invitation letter relating to this scheme carefully (at Rossett School - iPads for Learning agreements & Paperwork) as by setting up your DD you are agreeing to the scheme’s terms and conditions
  • Set up a DD with the Learning Foundation as soon as possible.  As the link in the invitation letter no longer works you will need to do this manually by emailing Natalie Judd at the Learning Foundation at It is important to tell her this is the Year 7 2023 iPad scheme for Rossett School at £13 a month from now until the end of Year 13.
  • The iPad purchase price for the old iPad in Year 10 will be higher than other students to take into account that the iPad will be so much newer than those issued at the start of the scheme in September 2023.

    NOTE: if you pay the missing contributions from September to the start of your DD, then the purchase price in Y10 will be the same as other students.

All we ask is that if you do take up this late offer to join that you commit to making the full contributions across remaining time the scheme has to run.

When your Direct Debit is confirmed to the school, and the iPad consent form has been received, a brand-new iPad and case* will be provided to your child.

*Please note that the Red Kite Learning Trust do not provide screen protectors as the school issued case is deemed protection enough. By taking up a late place on this scheme you will not receive a screen protector, although one can be purchased from the school via the online payment system.


Personal iPads:

If you do not wish to join the school scheme then you can provide your own device instead. However, you will need to agree to allow the device to be managed as if it were a school iPad, and under the agreement that the school rules regarding iPads is are adhered to.  Where these terms are broken, the use of a personal device will no longer be allowed and a Leave at School iPad will be issued instead.  If you wish to know more about Leave at school iPads please email 

If you choose to provide your own iPad you are not able to repair your device through the school’s repair service which is for school iPads only. (NOTE: From September 2024 onwards Year 7 students will not be allowed to use a personal device in school).

Loan iPad:

If you wish to enquire about a loan iPad please email