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Success for everyone

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Dress Code


  • Following our dress code shows pride in belonging to Rossett School.
  • This dress code means everyone is treated fairly as our expectations apply to everyone.
  • Putting on school uniform places students in the frame of mind to learn.
  • Our dress code helps prepare young people for the professional world they will join after education.
  • Students act as ambassadors for Rossett School. Therefore, our expectations extend to travel to and from school.




What this looks like




Black school blazer with Rossett logo.



Plain white unfitted shirt, worn with a tie.

Shirts must always be tucked in, and the top button fastened.



Rossett tie – this must be worn at all times.




 Boys TGirls T

Plain black, traditional style trousers.

No low-rise trousers, jeans, jeggings or leggings.


Skirt 1Skirt 2

Plain black, traditional near knee length skirt.

No stretch materials.


Sweatshirt (optional, to be worn under school blazer)


Black v-neck sweatshirt with school logo.



Black socks under trousers

White socks with a skirt

Black or flesh coloured tights




All black, leather/leather alternative, flat shoes.

No logos.

School bag


Suitable for carrying books, equipment, PE kit and iPad.




Students may wear a maximum of:

·         two plain studs may be worn in each ear

·         two rings

·         two bracelets

·         one nose stud

No other jewellery is allowed.

Make up



Make up must be discrete, including nail varnish

Natural hair colours only.

No false nails or false eyelashes.



Cyclists (Optional)


Students should wear a cycle helmet and reflective clothing.

Bicycle stands are provided at the Sports Centre and students should bring a secure locking device to lock their bikes to the stands.


PE Kit


Rossett PE polo shirt

Polo pe

Rossett unisex polo shirt or fitted girls polo shirt

Shorts/skort/training pants


Choice of one item from:  Rossett shorts (5 inch)/training pants/skort/leggings (under shorts) Students may buy more than one item if they wish.




Unisex long socks (outdoors)

White socks available on the high street (indoors)

Training shoes and shin pads


Purchased on the high street



PE Hoodie



Available from Rawcliffes

Rugby Top


Rugby top

Available from Rawcliffes

Mid Layer



Available from Rawcliffes


Equipment List

All students should arrive at school with a pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, calculator, fully charged iPad and green pen for improving their work, on a daily basis.



Religious headwear may be worn as long as it is plain black or white.


School uniform is available to view and purchase from Rawcliffes in Harrogate: 

Good quality second hand uniform is also available from the school via Rossett PTA.


It is essential that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the student's name. This will enable identification and return if they are misplaced.


If you feel that you wish to discuss any particular hardship around uniform for your child, either contact the school through the Year Team or


Please note that the details listed show what is currently acceptable in school.  However we reserve the right to respond to changes in fashion and make changes to the above policy as necessary.  We also reserve the right to check departures from the accepted norms and to take appropriate action.  Any parent who is unclear about our requirements must, in their own interests, contact school before making any purchase.