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Key Stage 3 Assessment:

Life After Levels


We are now using a new assessment system in Year 7 due to the National Curriculum reforms and the removal of ‘levels’. The Rossett Assessment Strategy uses growth mind set language that breaks down into four thresholds; Foundation, Developing, Secure and Excellence.

Target Setting

At the beginning of Year 7, students are given a  GCSE-style target band (see below) for each of their subjects.


Targets have been generated using Key Stage 2 test results for writing based subjects (English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, RS, French, Spanish, ICT) and our own baseline assessments for more practical subjects (Music, PE, DT, Drama and Art).

Progress and Next Steps

Each of the ‘Progress Grids’ give an outline of the skills that students will need to acquire in order to meet the different thresholds in their subjects in Year 7 and 8.

They also include examples of work at Excellence, Secure, Developing and Foundation to give you a flavour of the expectations for each threshold. The material is not intended to be exhaustive but offers an idea of what the different expectations are for each band.