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Our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is at the heart of our school and offers a range of high quality fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, manga, graphic novels, comic books and more.  The LRC also has an IT suite and access to iPads.

The LRC is staffed by a full time Librarian and is also the base for our Homework Club which runs after school until 4.15pm each day.  Students are welcome to come and read after school also.  We have student librarians who support with the booking in and out of books and the organisation of our resources; they also recommend new reads so that the LRC offers a constantly updated selection of new titles.

Boys reading

Students are encouraged and supported to enjoy reading for pleasure and with over 9000 books there is definitely something for everyone and every taste.  Each student is allowed to take two books out at any time.  Students in Year 7 and 8 come once a fortnight for class visits to change their books and the LRC is open every break and lunchtime for students to access and enjoy.  The Librarian welcomes students coming in for advice on recommended reads and support with finding a book to read independently.

The Learning Resource Centre supports our Accelerated Reader  at Rossett by offering assessed reading as part of this programme.

We also regularly welcome poets and authors into the school to discuss their work.

At Rossett we strongly believe that reading for pleasure should be part of every young person's life.  The LRC is warm, welcoming and inviting and we look forward to encouraging all of our students, staff and other members of the community to use this fantastic resource.