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Success for everyone

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Student Council

All students at Rossett are encouraged to realise their maximum potential and to contribute to school, community and society.

Our Student Council consists of two elected members from each year group (one girl and one boy). The Head Girl and Head Boy represent the Sixth Form Committee.

The Student Council meets each half term with the Associate Deputy Headteacher.

The council objectives are:

  • To create a stronger relationship between the students and the staff
  • To foster leadership skills within the student body.
  • To develop an awareness of the student council within the student body.
  • To encourage student initiatives to support Rossett School policies and practices.


  • To provide a forum for students to discuss their views/opinions
  • To provide representation of the student views.
  • To act as a barometer of student opinion.
  • To better the school environment.
  • To serve as a spokesperson for the concerns of groups and individuals.
  • To promote school and community service projects.
  • To stimulate student interest in school activities and promote school spirit.
  • To work with the staff of Rossett School in the development of policies.

Contact your year representative to raise any issues or ideas that you have at the council meetings.