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2020 Results Days arrangements

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, results days are different this year. Students will receive their results via their school email accounts at the dates and times below:

Summer 2020 GCE Results: Thursday 13 August from 8.00am
Further information about the GCE results day arrangements can be accessed here: A level Results Day Letter 2020

Summer 2020 GCSE Results: Thursday 20 August from 8.00am
Further information about the GCSE results day arrangements can be accessed here: GCSE Results Day Letter 2020

As your examination results will be sent to you via your school email account, please check that you can access your email account before results day. If you have any issues, please contact

Once you receive your results, what if you have questions or need advice?

You may also have questions or concerns about your next steps. There are 3 steps you can follow:

  1. If you are unsure what to do next or you think your plans might be changing, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents here:
  2. If you have a specific subject query, then contact the Head of Faculty or Subject via their email address, which can be found in the results day letter above.
  3. If you need to see someone, you can arrange a meeting with a member of staff, which can take place either in school or remotely, using the Microsoft Office 365 Teams platform. The process is outlined for this in the Results Day letter 2020

Appeals Process 2020



Arrangements for appeals

The Ofqual guidance to appeals, malpractice & maladministration states:

The arrangements for awarding qualifications in summer 2020 are:

Only schools and colleges can submit an appeal. This also applies to private candidates (students who do not study in a school or college.)

If a candidate has concerns about how grades were arrived at they should talk to the school about their options.

  • A candidate can ask their centre to check whether it made a mistake when submitting data to the awarding body (If the centre finds it made a mistake in the data it provided it can ask the awarding body to correct it)

  • The centre can appeal to the awarding body on a candidate’s behalf if it believes the awarding body made a mistake when it communicated a candidate’s grade

  • A candidate cannot challenge the centre under the appeals process on the centre assessment grades it submitted or the rank order positions

  • A candidate cannot appeal because their mock exam result was higher than the grade awarded. The mock grade will have been taken into account in deciding a candidate’s centre assessment grade. Candidates will either receive their centre assessment grade or the calculated grade (whichever is higher)

  • This summer, candidates grades are protected and will not go down as a result of an appeal.

  • If the centre is unhappy with the outcome of the awarding body’s appeals process, it can appeal this decision through Ofqual’s Examination Procedures Review Service

  • A candidate can appeal against their centre’s decision

    • not to seek any information the awarding body holds that would be needed for an appeal;


    • not to appeal to the awarding body

If you have a concern about a grade you have been awarded, or would like further information about the process and how to request an appeal please click in the following link: Summer-2020-Results-and-Appeals-process-candidate information

Please contact Mrs Jones, the Exams Officer on for any other questions regarding appeals.

External Examinations

The exam boards will offer the full suite of GCSE, AS and A level exams this autumn, for any student unable to receive a calculated grade or who would like an opportunity to improve their result. The following timetable for exams is confirmed as:

  • GCE AS and A level exams start on Monday 5 October and finish on Friday 23 October (the submission of entry deadline to the Exams Officer is Friday 28 August)
  • GCSE exams start on Monday 2 November and finish on Monday 23 November (the submission of entry deadline for all subjects except English and maths is Friday 11 September; entry deadline for English and maths is 25 September)

If you are intending to enter any exams in the Autumn series, or If you have any further queries please email a member of the Examinations Team at

Exam subjects Aug 2020

If you have any further queries please contact a member of the Examinations Team on 01423 54444 ext 251 or email