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Rossett School uses biometric technology for its cashless catering system, the Learning Resource Centre  when borrowing/returning books, and one of the vending machines.

These systems use a scan of a student’s thumb or finger print to create a unique algorithm from the scanned points. This data is then encrypted and serves no purpose other than identification by the systems within the school. The biometric systems do not store finger prints and it is not possible to re-create the fingerprint from the algorithm. Furthermore the encrypted data cannot be accessed by any person within the school or by any outside third party. When a student leaves Rossett, all associated personal and biometric data is removed and deleted.

The advantages of using these systems are that there is no need for students to carry money in school and there are no identity cards to lose or break (with the associated cost and inconvenience of replacing them).

Under legislation introduced in September 2013, it is a requirement that schools obtain parental consent for the processing of this data. If consent is withheld students will be able to access the cashless catering system by using a PIN number however this system is not as secure.

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