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Success for everyone

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Our online payment system allows parents more choice in how they pay for school items. Cash and cheque are still accommodated in the normal way but now parents have the option to securely pay online by debit or credit card. Parents simply log-on via our school website, enter their security details and they’ll see a list of outstanding payment items for their child. They can choose which ones to pay and then enter their card details. The school gets an automatic update of all payments that have been made the next day.

More options for parents; less pupil queues in school

Online payments cover the whole range of payments including trips, charities, revision guides, dinner money, clubs and lettings


  • Simple to use web interface;
  • Payments are made through WorldPay so they’re secure and reliable;
  • Fully automated update of school records; no manual intervention;
  • Parents can view their payment history online.


  • More payment options for parents;
  • Reduced risk of pupils losing cash;
  • Less cash in school;
  • Full audit trail from receipt of money through to our bank statement.