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Success for everyone

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Unavoidable school closure

Parents should assume that school is open unless they receive a message as detailed below.

We cannot guarantee that these decisions will be made to meet the expectations of all but will do our best to give as much notice as possible.
In the event of the school not opening at the start of the school day:

  • A text message will be sent to parents using the mobile number held as priority 1 on the school’s management information system
  • A message will be placed on the school website via Twitter
  • A message will be placed on the main school telephone line (01423 564444)
  • All students will be emailed using their school email address
  • Stray FM will be notified

This action will be taken as soon as the decision is taken that the school will remain closed.

In a situation where the school closes during the school day:

In exceptional circumstances the school may take the decision to close during the school day and any such decision will be taken following advice from the local bus companies. If the school has to close parents will be notified as above. The school will do all in its power to ensure that students are not released from school until we know that is safe for them to leave and there is parental awareness of what is happening. It would help the school greatly if parents did not continually ring the school for updates or simply turn up at the school asking for their children to be released. Parents should be reassured that any decision taken will be mindful of the school’s duty of care for each child and the school will remain open until the last child has got away safely.

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