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Success for everyone

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At Rossett we put great emphasis on our ‘triangle of care’ as we believe that it vital to the success and well being of each individual student.

All members of staff are seen as teachers of students and not simply teachers of a subject. We consider the development of the whole child is central to everything we do and we want to engage and encourage parents and carers to be part of the process.

Contact with home

There are three principle reasons to contact the home:-

  • Praise arising out of a student’s performance or attitude
  • Concern over an aspect of a student’s attitude, aptitude or achievement
  • General information celebrating school success


Reinforcing a positive reward system that automatically brings achievement to the attention of the home will have a positive effect on both the students’ perception of themselves and therefore their performance within Rossett.


This underlines the school’s Behaviour Policy and reinforces our belief that every student has the right to learn uninterrupted by the anti-social attitude of others.

General Information

Every parent/guardian needs to know what is happening to their child while at school and what the school has achieved throughout the year. The Headteacher’s Newsletter, Twitter and the school website are the main ways in which this is achieved.

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