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Rossett News Update - 22 December 2023

Christmas garland

Christmas Celebration Brunch 

On Thursday 120 students were invited to a reward brunch during P2 on Thursday in the main hall. This was to recognise their outstanding conduct and effort this term, and was based in Bromcom achievement points and staff nominations. The catering team provided luxury festive hot chocolates and pancakes with toppings. The students also received a small gift, were congratulated by Mr Milburn and completed a festive quiz. Well done to all students who were invited, and a huge number of students who were unlucky to just miss out. We will be hosting a similar event again in the new year. 

Rewards breakfast

End of Term Celebrations

Our  end of term celebrations took place  today with festive performances and the presentation of awards for each year group. Mr Milburn and Mr Royles led achievement awards for Attainment, 5Rs, Community and Conduct - congratulations to all award winners.  Mr Milburn congratulated the students and the staff on a successful  term and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in January after a restful Christmas break.

Christmas assembly

Rossett Heroes Christmas Special 

This year it has been an honour to hear about so many acts of kindness from our wonderful students. As we leave for the Christmas break, we thought we’d celebrate a selection of some of our favourite recent nominations: 

First of all, it was heart-warming this week for three of our Year 11 students to come and ask me how to nominate someone for Rossett Heroes. When I asked who the student was and what they’d done, they told me about Junior in Year 9 who they witnessed clearing trays away from a table, despite the trays being nothing to do with him. I think that Aurora, Tatyana and Oltiona all deserve recognition for caring about our school to that extent that they felt compelled to nominate Junior. It is Rossett Hero behaviour by everybody involved! 

Miss Mooney nominated Aimee Mitchell in Year 11 who found a Year 7 student that was upset on the bus. Aimee looked after the student, comforting and making her feel happier. This is the second time that I’ve heard stories of Aimee going out of her way to help the younger students on the bus and it speaks volumes about her character. Aimee, you are a Christmas Rossett Hero! 

Finally,  Onwuchekwa in Year 11 who was nominated by Ms Tolliday. She wrote, “I followed him down a corridor the other day and he held open doors for so many other students, let people go in front of him and moved items out of other people’s way so that the rush for lunch could flow more easily. He is honestly such a lovely student and definitely exhibits all of our Rossett ‘R’s. What an absolute gentleman he is, every single day and a deserving Rossett Christmas Hero! 

 Please email Mr Otway if you have witnessed or experienced an act of kindness that we might not be aware of.  

 "Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." - Scott Adams 


Student Leadership Team meet local MP

On Thursday this week, our  Student Leadership Team had the opportunity to engage in a stimulating discussion with Mr. Andrew Jones, Member of Parliament for Harrogate and Knaresborough. Mr. Jones generously shared insights into his diverse and demanding life as an MP, offering candid glimpses into both the rewarding aspects of public service – the chance to make a tangible difference in the local community – and the inevitable challenges, such as the frequent commute to London. Our talented student leaders posed a series of insightful and thought-provoking questions on vital topics ranging from immigration and education to healthcare and beyond. The students were - as they always are - magnificent ambassadors for our school. We would like to thank Mr. Jones for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit Rossett and engage with our students.

First Aid  Team Christmas Party

The Rossett first aid team held their presentation and Christmas party last night. Students were presented certificates for the 'Young First Aider' award, Schools First Aid Part 3 and level 3 Radio Communications. 

We are very sad to say that some of our members have stepped down this evening to focus on their exam study. We wished them all the best for their exams and future careers. 

The first aid team party went well with a bandage the mummy race, pass the parcel, an indoor snowball fight and a surprise 18th birthday cake for Hugo our Sixth Form ambassador for first aid.  Rossett First Aid Team are now looking for new members to start in January before we begin 'complete first aid' and 'casualty simulation'.

Merry Christmas from Rossett First Aid Team!

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PE Stars of the Week 2212

PE STARS of the week go to Morgan Eastwood, Hatice Gundogan, Katie Lamb, Imogen Johnston, Ed Matthews, Lydia Penman, Dan Wiggans & Sophia Wright for their outstanding contribution to PE, consistently demonstrating the 5Rs. The students will be receiving double points for being exceptional learners #ASPIRE #RemarkableRossett

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Monday 8 January

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