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Rossett News Update - 13 October 2023

Year 7 Settling-in Evening

Our new Year 7 students are settling in fantastically well to life at Rossett School;  we are delighted with their progress.  On Thursday evening we were pleased to welcome the parents and carers of our students in Year 7 to discuss these first few important weeks with their child's Form Tutor.  It was lovely to welcome so many parents/carers into school and hear about the students successes and triumphs.  

Bewerley parkBewerley Park Residential Visit: February 2024

As part of this settling-in process, we are delighted to be able to offer our 'new' Year 7 students the opportunity to attend an outdoor pursuit course at Bewerley Park Outdoor Centre in the Yorkshire Dales.  This will include activities such as mountain biking, ghyll scrambling, climbing, canoeing and orienteering (full details will be confirmed nearer the date).  We run this trip every year and it is an excellent opportunity for students to experience team-led activities and learn new skills with their classmates.

Parents/carers received a letter with further details about the trip yesterday and can be found again here.

Rossett Heroes

Our Rossett Heroes this week are:   

  • Tom Haines in Year 7, as nominated by Ms Hewitt. She writes, ‘It was lovely to see Tom holding the door open for other students which is a reflection of his respect and good manners. I have noticed generally in lessons that he often thinks of others and makes sure that everyone is included, especially in paired work. Respect is often displayed as kindness and Tom sets an excellent example of being kind towards people in his class.’ Tom, you embody all of our school values and you are clearly a Rossett Hero, well done! 
  • Neve Cairns in Year 8, nominated by Mrs Phelps who wrote that Neve …has supported the PTA on many occasions including events for our Year 6 evening and with uniform collection. She is a great ambassador for the school and I appreciate her support.’ Neve, - what a wonderful thing that you are doing to help the entire Rossett community. You are most certainly a Rossett Hero! 
  • Fraser Land in Year 8 was nominated by Mr Newband. Mr Newband coached and refereed the Year 8 football match on Wednesday night and the game was a success with Rossett running out as 5-3 winners. However, the match might never have happened without Fraser running around finding solutions to the kit issues his teammates were having and then helping Mr Newband to set up the pitch, ready for the match. I went to watch some of the game and I have to say that I was incredibly proud of the boys for the way they were encouraging one another, communicating brilliantly and generally working as a team. Fraser you are a Rossett Hero for helping Mr Newband and your teammates.  
  • Adil Berisha in Year 10, nominated by Mr Grainger. An unfortunate incident occurred during a history lesson when a classmate of Adil’s was carrying some books and fell over, dropping the books and landing with a crash. Adil was straight out of his chair to help to pick the books up, to check his classmate was okay and then to give them a hug. Heart-warming stuff Adil, and you absolutely make Rossett a happier, kinder place. You are a Rossett Hero! 
  • Finally, we have an unusual but incredibly worthy nomination from Mr Dyke who has decided to nominate an entire class. This class is clearly full of students that have really understood the Rossett values, particularly of 'Respect', 'Responsibility' and being 'Ready'. Mr Dyke wrote:  "I would like to nominate the whole of 7Z1/Ma. As I turned up to a cover lesson, the group were perfectly behaved from start to finish. When I say 'perfectly behaved' I really want to make the point that I did not have to say one negative, or even mildly critical word from the start of the lesson to the end, to even one child - they were 100% attentive and a total joy to teach. All students made excellent progress on square and cube numbers. My favourite student's answer was 'when you multiply 3cm by 3 cm its not just the three that gets multiplied by itself and squared, its the cm as well, that why you get an area of 9cm2.'

What a week full of heroic behaviour we’ve had! 

If you were nominated as a Rossett Hero, this week please see Mr Otway in the Hunter Block for your reward and certificate. 

To find our next Rossett Heroes, we need you! Do you know of any member of the Rossett community that deserves recognition as a Rossett Hero? No matter how big or small you believe the act to be, we want to hear from you - every nominated person will be recognised and congratulated even if they don't make it into the newsletter that particular week.     

 Please email Mr Otway if you have witnessed or experienced an act of kindness that we might not be aware of.     

 "Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." - Scott Adams    



Headteachers AwardHeadteacher Friday 5 Awards

Well done to all of the students who received a Friday 5 Headteachers Award this week.  These students have been nominated by members of staff for exemplifying Rossett School's 5Rs culture of  learning.  This week's winners are:

  • Summer Watson-Sykes
  • Kayson-Shay Armitage
  • Samantha Spittal
  • Jake Lamb
  • Adil Berisha
  • Charlie Gibson

A Level Geography Trip to the Holderness Coastline

Year 13 students enjoyed a three day fieldtrip to the Holderness coastline this week, collecting data to support their NEA independent investigation. Activities included measuring the effectiveness of coastal defences, collecting urban socio-economic data in the town of Hornsea and looking at the changing geology, processes and landforms along the coastline. The group also stopped at Flamborough Head and the rapidly eroding cliffs at Skipsea to support their knowledge from the Coastal Systems topic. 

Geography 2

Geography trip Oct 23

Boy 87LRC News from Mr Asker

Before the summer holiday all students who are now in Year 7 were given a copy of the brilliant book 'Boy 87' by Ele Fountain as part of a transition reading project. 'Boy 87' is a moving, thoughtful, and uplifting story about a boy, Shif, who is forced to leave his family and home and then sets off on a perilous journey as a refugee.

For the past two weeks students have been coming into the library to work on this project with myself and their English teachers. It has been a pleasure to welcome the children who have responded to the text with great maturity producing some excellent written work and taking part in structured activities to help them understand the issues involved in this story. The quality of this piece of writing is typical of the standard we have seen.

Exhausted, Shif, relentlessly kicked his legs, desperate to get to the surface before he disappeared into the freezing depths forever. This one also caught my eye. Shif was gasping and panting as he struggled to keep his head above the humongous barrier of the sea, turning uncontrollably in the ocean feeling the most scared he has ever been and maybe the last time he will ever be scared too.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will explore more of the book and students will be given further opportunities to express their opinions and thoughts.

Other than this, the LRC remains very busy with students from every year group coming in at break and lunchtime. The minute we empty the drop box to return  books to the shelves it is full again and there is always someone at the desk waiting to take a book out or asking for a recommendation or trying to track down a book. Sometimes we don’t have much to work on, but we do like a challenge and “I want to take out a book, I know the cover is blue and it’s about a mystery” can sometimes be a bit daunting but after some further questioning, we usually find it in the end.

Have a bookish weekend everyone.



PTA logoPTA - Your school needs you!

The PTA are seeking new volunteers to ensure that it can continue to raise funds to support your child's education and experiences at Rossett.   Our hardworking and committed PTA has raised substantial funds over the years which have been used to assist the school to purchase a wide range of equipment, all of which have been of enormous assistance to our students.

There are a number of ways - big and small - that you can get involved and if you are interested in helping improve your child's learning experience please get in touch here.

Your school lottery logoSchool Lottery

Your School Lottery is a weekly lottery that raises money for schools in the UK.   Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week, with a top prize of £25,000. Each ticket will consist of six numbers and each number will be between 0 and 9. There will be a draw every Saturday night when a six digit winning combination will be picked. Match all six and you can win the jackpot.  Winners will be sent an email notification of their success.

Each week, there is a guaranteed winner from Rossett School who will win 30% of our ticket sales for the week!  Just visit the online lottery site here to help raise funds for the school.

New jobsCurrent Vacancies

We have some exciting vacancies at Rossett School, including term time only, non-teaching roles click HERE for further details.

New this week:

  • Teacher of Maths
  • Part-time Teacher of Art
  • Resources Technician

Lunch menuLunch Menu

We know it is helpful for parents/carers to discuss the following week's lunch menu with their child.  We update  our catering page each week to make this easier to access for all.  Please click HERE for next week's lunch menu.

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