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Rossett News Update - 10 November 2023

American Exchange

The American Exchange returned to Rossett  last weekend after two fantastic weeks in the USA, despite the challenging events that took place early in the trip.  The students experienced a number of fun and educational trips and activities, arranged by both the school and their host families.  Visits included a visit to Portland Lighthouse and a fishing trip to catch lobsters - a local speciality - to name but a few.  They also spent the day as a student at Falmouth Middle School, attending lessons alongside their exchange partners. After a “pot luck”  and pizza supper with all of the host families  they said their goodbyes and headed to Boston to continue their trip. 

Amongst other activities in Boston, the students visited Harvard University, saw fantastic views from the top of the Prudential  Center and  visited  the 'Cheers' Bar - whose importance may well have had to be explained to the students!    We would like to thank Falmouth School, the fantastic host families and our dedicated team of teachers who accompanied the students on the trip.

Am Ex 3

Am Ex 4

Am Ex 5

Rossett Heroes

Lucie Hernon in Year 11  was nominated by Ms Tolliday who wrote that Lucie came across a Year 9 student in the corridor who was upset and was particularly kind and caring towards him. Then she went to find a member of staff that would be able to fix the issue and made sure the student was okay before continuing with her day. Lucie this is wonderful to hear and we are very thankful that you are looking out for other students – you are a Rossett Hero. 

Elijah Fairholm was nominated by two of his classmates who came to me to tell me about how kind he has been to them at school and also on their journey to and from school on the bus. They told me that Elijah goes out of his way to make sure everybody is okay. Elijah, thank you for looking out for others, you are a Rossett Hero! 


To find our next Rossett Heroes, we need you! Do you know of any member of the Rossett community that deserves recognition as a Rossett Hero? No matter how big or small you believe the act to be, we want to hear from you - every nominated person will be recognised and congratulated even if they don't make it into the newsletter that particular week.     

 Please email Mr Otway if you have witnessed or experienced an act of kindness that we might not be aware of.     

 "Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." - Scott Adams    


Headteachers AwardHeadteacher Friday 5 Awards

Well done to all of the students who received a Friday 5 Headteachers Award this week.  These students have been nominated by members of staff for exemplifying Rossett School's 5Rs culture of  learning.  This week's winners are:

  • Ameilia Heninghem-Smith
  • Isabel Jones
  • Harriet Morris
  • Ava Bannister
  • Masoumeh Salehi
  • Kitty O'Malley
  • Macru Ghetu

The students were also joined by Andrew Jones MP who paid a visit to the school to meet Mr Milburn.

Reminder to Parents/Carers Visiting School

We would like to politely remind parents/carers that appointments need to be arranged in advance if you wish to see a member of the pastoral team or teaching staff in and out of school hours.  Contact details can be found  here for our Year Teams who should be contacted in the first instance.  Unfortunately parents/carers cannot expect to see our staff members if they visit the school without a prior appointment.

Armistice Day and Poppy Appeal

The whole school joined together today to mark Armistice Day with all of our students and staff observing a two-minute silence in the grounds of the school. 

Mr Milburn introduced our Head Prefects, Eva Bailey and Tristan Holdsworth who read 'For the Fallen' and the Last Post was played. The observance ended with the 'Reveille'.  

We were very impressed with the mature and respectful manner in which all of our students approached this annual remembrance event.

Throughout the week our Student Leadership Team have been visiting classrooms selling poppies and accepting donations for the Royal British Legion, thank you to all who contributed.  Mrs Hewitt has shared  the poem below with us written by a student (who wishes not to have their name shared).

Remember them

Remember them

Praise them

Respect them

Nearly 15 million soldiers died in WWII

Risking their own lives for you

The courage

The bravery

Would definitely scare the life out of me

Families worried and scared

Some damaged beyond repair


Remember them

Remember them

Remember the sacrifice

Remember the lives lost

Remember soldiers who risked their lives for no cost

Remember the fear of a single bullet being shot

Remember those who fought

Remember those who died

Remember them

Remember them

We shall remember them!

Anti bullyingAnti Bullying Week: 13th-17th November 

Our definition of bullying is ‘the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or a group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Bullying can be physical, verbal or psychological.’ Students are aware of our zero-tolerance approach to bullying and know to report any bullying behaviours to a member of staff for this to be investigated.

As a school we understand parents/carers and children have worries about bullying and how it is handled. We want to assure you that we deal with all bullying cases rigorously. We continue to work together in our community to promote an ethos of respect and kindness amongst the students. 

To mark Anti-bullying week which takes place next week: 13th-17th November the Anti- bullying Alliance are encouraging students to come together to have discussions about what bullying means to us, how banter can turn into something more hurtful, and what we can do to stop bullying. Together, we can make a difference and take a stand against bullying.

Students received an assembly from Mrs Wood last half-term on one of our values, 'Respect', linking to Anti-bullying and the importance of kindness; next week will build upon these ideas and all students will receive assemblies and activities throughout the week in form time. The Anti-bullying Week theme this year is ‘Make a Noise About Bullying’. - this encourages students to feel empowered and do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes.

In the coming weeks we will be launching an online reporting system for students to report any bullying issues. Please look out for more information soon. For further information surrounding anti-bullying week please click here.

Dread WoodLRC News from Mr Asker

There can’t be many better ways of starting a new half term than arriving at school to find five large boxes of books from Book Trust sat waiting in the main reception. These books were the Book Buzz order where every pupil in Year 7 and 8 got to choose a book for keeps. The books have now been given out and are in the hands of some very happy young readers. Inevitably there are always one or two books that capture a lot of interest and this year it was 'Dread Wood' by Jennifer Killick which was chosen by approximately 80 students. This is a cracking read that is brilliantly paced and full of suspense and scary moments. We really hope that your child enjoys their book and the rest of the titles from this year’s Book Buzz can be found here. We have copies of every single one of these books in our Learning Resource Centre but they can also be found in your local library or your local Independent bookshop such as Imagined Things.

Other Rossett LRC news is that we are trialling a new rota for library use at break and lunchtime. It is a nice problem to have that the library is almost always oversubscribed and it gets a little busy sometimes. We will see how the next few weeks go and will naturally ask the students for their views on the new organisation.

I am at the very real risk of labouring a point I know but I won’t change the habit of a lifetime and will mention again that there is now a wide and growing body of educational research which proves that children and young people who read regularly for pleasure achieve better outcomes in school and school exams, have improved life and economic chances and better mental health.  Schemes such as Book Buzz support this ambition brilliantly and we will continue to do all we can to support every Rossett student to enjoy reading for pleasure.

Do not hesitate to contact me if I can help you with any book or reading related questions.

Have a bookish weekend everyone.

Mr Asker


Extra curricular token

Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities

As you are aware, at Rossett School we value the breadth of the curriculum extending out of lesson time and encourage all students to participate in one of our 50+  weekly extra-curricular activities. All Year 7 students are expected to have signed up to at least one extra-curricular activity  per week by now and students who attend multiple activities and show real commitment will receive our new extra-curricular token.  They will also be placed in a prize draw at the end of each term where there will be prizes awarded.

Please click HERE for the extra curricular timetable and if you would like further information please contact Mrs McLurg  here.

Wellbeing in MindWellbeing in Mind Team Autumn Newsletter

Please click here   for this term's WiMT newsletter which focuses on supporting your child with bullying.

UkraineReminder: First Aid Club Christmas Collection for Ukraine

As part of their on-going fundraising campaign, Rossett First Aid Club are, once again,  organising a collection on behalf of 'Yorkshire to Ukraine'.  This local charity is seeking donations (listed below) and aims to deliver them to refugee camps and people in need in the Ukraine.  

Items must be in good, clean, useable condition. The charity are looking for warm clothing, bedding, duvets, children's clothing, toys, baby items, cleaning products, sanitary items, toiletries, tinned and long life foods, pet food, hats and gloves. All items must be received by 15 December.  The drop-off point for donations is our First Aid department behind main reception. Thank you for your support with this worthwhile charity.

Lunch menuLunch Menu

We know it is helpful for parents/carers to discuss the following week's lunch menu with their child.  We update  our catering page each week to make this easier to access for all.  Please click HERE for the start of term's lunch menu.

Well done to...

  • Neve Cairns (Year 9) who donated 13 inches of her hair to a charity who makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to medical treatment.  Neve also raised £420 for the charity and we are all very proud of her generosity.

What's happening next term...

Thursday 16 November

  • Year 13 Parents' Evening

Friday 17 November

  • Children in Need

Thursday 23 November

  • Year 10 Parents' Evening

Thursday 30 November

  • Presentation Evening 2023

Thursday 7 December

  • Year 7 Disco organised by Rossett PTA

Wednesday 13 December

  • Whole School Careers Fair 9am-1pm 

Thursday 14 December

  • Winter Warmer Concert: Main Hall

Friday 15 December

  • Christmas Jumper Day 

Friday 22 December

  • Last day of term