Rossett School recognises the importance of good quality, nutritious meals to ensure good health and maximum educational achievement for our students. Our catering is provided in-house by a dedicated catering team who are passionate in sourcing local and seasonal produce ensuring exciting dishes are made with the freshest ingredients. We listen carefully to the views of students as we design new menus and exciting dishes from around the world whilst meeting and exceeding the ‘Healthy Eating’ guidelines issued by the DfE.

We have two main dining halls and the Year 7s and Sixth Form have their own dedicated areas.  This allows students to eat with their peers in a pleasant, sociable environment.

A number of vending machines are available for use by the students. These only sell products within DfE guidelines.

We cater for all dietary requirements and parents with any concerns or any questions in regards to our catering services are encouraged to contact our Catering Manager, Steve Ashburn on 

Services available

08.10-08.40 Breakfast available in the blue dining hall (available to the whole school)
08.10-02.10 All day café service for Sixth Form students
11.05-11.20 Break available in main hall and blue dining hall for Year 8 – 11 and in the Year 7 dining hall for Year 7
12.25-01.05 Lunch is available in all dining halls from Years 7 and 8
01.25-02.05 Lunch is available in all dining halls from Years 9,10,11,12 and 13

Week commencing: 26th June 2017
Daily options

Monday Main Meal 1 Grilled pork chops, baby apples with chorizo and herb dressing £1.90
Main Meal 2 Classic fish pie Fish, Dairy £1.90
Vegetarian option Pear and Yorkshire blue tarts Gluten, Dairy £1.90
Sides Saute potatoes with onions
Tenderstem broccoli
Dessert Selection of Deserts Please ask for any allergens on a daily basis 75p-85p
Tuesday Main Meal 1 Ham, Mushroom and broccoli pie Dairy, Gluten £1.90
Main Meal 2 Chicken Tangine, cous cous Gluten £1.90
Vegetarian option Bubble and squeak cakes, tomato salsa Dairy £1.90
Sides Dauphinoise potatoes
Pan fried greens
Dessert Selection of Deserts Please ask for any allergens on a daily basis 75p-85p
Main Meal 1 Roast Pork, Crackling, apple sauce, Yorkshire Pudding Dairy, eggs, gluten £1.90
Main Meal 2 Baked haddock with roasted peppers and feta Fish, cheese £1.90
Vegetarian option Herb risotto, balsamic glaze Dairy £1.90
Sides Creamed spinach
Roast potatoes
Dessert Selection of Desserts Please ask for any allergens on a daily basis 75p-85p
Thursday Main Meal 1 Battered Fish Fish, Gluten, Dairy £1.90
Main Meal 2 Cheeseburger Gluten, Dairy £1.90
Vegetarian option Vegi burger Gluten £1.90
Sides Chips
Mushy Peas
Dessert Selection of Desserts Please ask for any allergens on a daily basis 75p-85p
Main Meal 1 Thai Chicken Stir Fry, egg fried rice Gluten, Eggs, Dairy £1.90
Main Meal 2 Spaghetti bolognaise, parmesan cheese, garlic bread Gluten, Eggs, Dairy £1.90
Vegetarian option Quorn bolognaise, parmesan cheese, garlic bread Egg, Dairy, Gluten £1.90
Sides Croquette Potatoes
Gluten, Dairy, eggs
Dessert Selection of deserts Please ask for any allergens on a daily basis 75p-85p

Breakfast menu

Bacon Muffin £1.10
Sausage Sandwich £1.10
Bagels 50p
Assorted cereals 40p
Croissant 50p
Yoghurt and fruit compote 75p
Toast 30p

Break Time Menu

Grab & Go

A selection of freshly cut sandwiches on white, wholemeal, baguettes or bagels are available from £1.05 including: tuna mayonnaise, egg, cheddar cheese and tomato, ham and chicken. Fresh fruit is also available daily from 30p and we offer a selection of drinks including bottled water and fruit juice from 50p.

Cheese and bacon, Cheese and sweet chilli sauce

Pasta pot
Hot baguette
Soup of the week
Jacket potato
Fresh Thai Noodles £1.90
Vegetarian Option
Homemade biscuit/cake
Assortment of sandwiches fillings in various breads

Cashless catering

Rossett School uses a cashless catering system using biometric technology for and there is therefore no need for students to carry cash in school. Money can be paid into a student’s catering account using our online payments system. This is the most effective method to top up student balances, however we also accept cheques to the Finance Office and cash via a catering machine in school. The students can then access their account at the till point by a biometric recognition system.

Free School Meals

The cashless catering system in operation at Rossett ensures anonymity for those students receiving free school meals.  Students’ eligibility for free school meals is assessed by the school (please click here to download application form).


You can find us at @RossettKitchen, send us your thoughts or photos!