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Welcome to Rossett School, an ‘outstanding’ academy.  

Rossett provides a high quality, inspirational learning experience for young people from a wide variety of backgrounds which creates our happy and vibrant community; we are a truly comprehensive school.

Academic excellence is important to us and we provide a first class education with a relevant and varied curriculum where the fundamental aim is to ensure success for everyone.

Central to this aim is a culture and ethos where students can develop into resilient, responsible and reflective learners with high self-esteem and high expectations.

Results have continued to improve year on year but Rossett offers much more including an extensive range of extracurricular activities and learning opportunities outside the classroom.

In this inclusive school, we expect our students to have the highest standards of behaviour, to respect diversity and to understand global citizenship and equality of opportunity.

We are proud of all that has been achieved but are never complacent and continue to strive to find ways in which we can further enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Above all we know that our young people enjoy life at Rossett and are successful both at school and in the wider community.

For a brighter future with success for everyone, you need look no further than Rossett. 

Our School Our Way

On Saturday 12 September we are holding an enterprise day for Year 5 and Year 6 primary pupils from across the Harrogate and North Leeds area.

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GCSE Results 2015

Our GCSE students also achieved an impressive set of exam results. Over a quarter of the students entered for Mathematics, English Language and English Literature achieved either an A* or an A grade in these subjects.

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A Level Results 2015

Congratulations to all our students celebrating A Level results. Our A Level students achieved the school’s best ever results.

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Rossett News Update – 17 July 2015

Rossett News Update – 17 July 2015

I have really enjoyed my first year at Rossett and I would like to end the year by thanking you […]

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