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External Examinations 2019

All students at Rossett School are issued an individual examinations timetable following the submission of entries to the relevant Examination Boards.  It is each student's responsibility to know the dates and times of their examinations along with any equipment they may need on the day.  Individual student timetable will be issued by the end of March 2019.

2019 Results Days

  • Summer 2019 A Level Results Day: Thursday 15 August 2019
  • Summer 2019 GCSE Results Day: Thursday 22 August 2019

Further details of timings to be confirmed.

important information for summer 2019 examination period

Contingency Day for GCSE/A Level Examinations 2019

In advance of the Summer examination period we are advised to make you aware that should there be sustained national or local disruption during the June 2019 examination period, any affected exams will be re-scheduled for the 26th June 2019.  Therefore, all  students of examination age must be available up to and including the 26th June 2019.

Effectively, no holidays or absences should be booked in the examination window that starts on May 13th 2019 and closes after 26th June, 2019.

Enquiries about Examination Results

Enquiries about results may be requested by teaching staff or candidates if there are reasonable grounds for believing there may have been an error in marking. Copies of candidates scripts may be requested to be used for Teaching and Learning.

Information to Candidates

If you have any queries please contact a member of the Examinations Team on 01423 54444 ext 251 or email

Appeals process

Appeals booklet

Appeals against internal assessments of work

Exam Reforms

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