Success for everyone

Success for everyone

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Parents & Carers

SIMS Learning Gateway

SIMS Learning Gateway offers parents secure online access to their child’s personal data and allows parents to track attendance and achievements in real time as well as offering access to current and past assessment reports.

Who to contact

If you have a query concerning your child’s record please email

Keeping your child safe and data protection

The data that parents have access to is sensitive and confidential and the school has issued one username and password to the primary contact of each student. If the person nominated as the primary contact* wishes another person who is recorded at the school as having parental responsibility for the child, to have a separate user name and password please download, complete and sign the ‘Application for additional login’ access form and return it to the school office. The school will be in touch by email to verify the application.

Legal Information

The primary contact for a student is required to manage who is allowed to have electronic access to a student’s school records. Individuals with legitimate parental responsibility are entitled to access their child’s school data. If an application is made for electronic access to a child’s records independently of the primary contact the school will make every effort to ensure the legitimacy of the application including contact with the primary contact. Unless there are formal legal restrictions in place the school cannot deny or withdraw access to a student’s records from a person with legitimate parental responsibility. If there are legal/court restrictions in place please contact the relevant year team as soon as possible to ensure access to your child’s data is not given to someone in contradiction of any legally binding restrictions.