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No Smoking Policy

Purpose of the Policy

This policy is intended to state the school’s approach to any issues related to smoking as this affects members of the school community, their safety, well-being and legal/statutory responsibilities.

NB  This policy also applies to the ‘smoking’ and possession of e-cigarettes on the Rossett School site.


This policy has been drawn up by the school in line with national and local recommendations.

Background supporting information on young people smoking

  • Smoking amongst young people is decreasing. National figures show in 2001 44% of young people aged 11-15 had tried smoking.  This has decreased to 25% in 2011.
  • Nationally 10% of 11-15 year olds in 2001 were regular smokers. This has decreased to 5% in 2011.
  • In North Yorkshire the Every Child Matters – Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire completed by Year 8 and Year 10 students in 2012 showed 28% students had tried smoking. This is a decrease from 31% in 2010.  8% of students had smoked within the last week.  This is a reduction from 10% in 2010.
  • For primary schools in North Yorkshire in 2012 it showed 4% of Year 6 pupils said they had tried smoking in the past or smoke now. This is a decrease from 5% in 2010.
  • Young people who know other smokers are most likely to smoke themselves.
  • Young people who live in a household where someone else smokes are more likely to smoke than those who do not live with smokers and find it harder to give up smoking.
  • Young people who smoke regularly tend to see themselves as dependant on the habit.

Aims and Objectives

The school is to be a smoke free environment at all times to promote the health and welfare of all who work in, attend or visit the school.  There is a wide range of evidence that shows the negative impact smoking/passive smoking has on people in terms of increased risk in a number of cancers, heart disease, diabetes and reducing their life span.


  • To comply with government legislation.
  • To protect staff, students, parents/guardians, visitors and contractors from the effects of tobacco smoke.
  • To encourage students to be resilient to the pressure on them to take up smoking and enable them to make informed, responsible choices not to smoke.
  • Supportive and consistent links to the curriculum.
  • To help smokers to quit.

Guidance for managing a smoking incident within a school

The flowchart below sets out some principles to inform a response to a smoking incident which is consistent with the ethos of Rossett School and a range of supporting policies, in particular the Behaviour Policy and Health and Safety Policy.  Response to any smoking incident should be proportionate, balancing the needs of the individual with those of the wider school community.  The aim should be to provide students with opportunities to learn from their mistakes, develop as individuals and re-engage with the learning process to fulfil their potential.

A flowchart to support managing a smoking incident within a school


*Accessing advice to stop smoking:

  • Ash provide a range of supporting information and factsheets
  • provides free advice on how to stop smoking.
  • North Yorkshire Stop Smoking Service provides support and advice for people who may want to quit smoking Tel: 0300 303 1603

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