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The school believes that homework is an essential part of students’ learning. Homework will be set regularly and students will be encouraged to establish good homework habits from the beginning of their time at Rossett. Assessment of homework will form an important part of the overall assessment, recording and reporting policy and procedures.  The nature, type and length of homework will vary accordingly to the age of the student and the subject.

Homework may take a variety of forms and these will include:

  • Specially prepared homework tasks that extend class work
  • Learning homework
  • Research assignments
  • Practical exercises
  • Longer term assignments/projects
  • Homework to finish off work started in class

As a guide to parents, students in Years 7 and 8 should expect homework for the majority of subjects on a weekly basis. This should give an average workload of an hour each evening. Students studying for GCSE in Years 9, 10 and 11 will receive variable amounts of homework depending on their course choices and the course requirements. Students will be expected to take an increasing level of responsibility for planning and completion of such work.

Homework should be recorded electronically on Show My Homework. This allows a consistent view of the tasks set each week and students can access Show My Homework either via the school website or the App. Parents are also able to access Show My Homework and will be able to check the amount of homework given, discuss the homework with their child and help them plan its completion on time.  This is especially important with extended homework that may cover a series of homework periods.  Wherever possible, parents are encouraged to provide a suitable place, away from distractions, for their child to complete homework, although it is recognised that this will not always be possible.

In addition students can record their homework using their mobile device.


You can help your child to cope with homework by:

  • providing a quiet environment away from distractions
  • establishing a homework pattern with a set time for homework, personal study and revision throughout each week
  • taking an active interest in homework tasks
  • providing back up materials for homework tasks
  • checking the homework given
  • checking that all relevant books are taken to school
  • contacting the appropriate Director of Learning/Student Support Officer if there are any problems

Access to a PC is essential for some homework tasks. When access at home is a problem parents should direct students to use the school’s facilities which are available at breaks, lunchtimes and after school.


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