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Exams Entry and Charging Policy

The School expects all students in Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and in the Sixth Form to enter public examinations for all courses, with the exception of Personal, Social & Health Education, Outdoor Pursuits and Physical Education.

Students will sit trial examinations prior to public examinations in Key Stage 4 and in the Sixth Form and they and their parents will be informed of the outcomes of these examinations and the estimated grades expected.

Where a student has not completed the course, coursework and/or is very unlikely to receive any grade, the entry will not be made except in exceptional circumstances.

The school will pay the cost of all entries for public examinations, but a ‘re-sit’ or ‘re-take’ will be charged to the student and the school reimbursed accordingly.

Where a student fails to attend the examination or satisfactorily complete course work the student will become liable for the cost of the entry fee. Where non-attendance or unsatisfactory course work is caused by illness or other emergency circumstances the student most produce independent documentary evidence for the refund of the entry fee to be waived.

The school will not refuse entry for any student for any public examination to enhance the school’s reputation. The best interest of each individual student is paramount.

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