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Success for everyone

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The Universal Covid-19 Catch-up Premium

For the academic year 2020-2021 schools will receive a one-off catch-up premium paid per student on roll in order to help mitigate the effects of the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic on learning and progress. The attached document will outline the measures and strategies taken at Rossett School to help students overcome this disadvantage and catchup.


The term Catch-Up is used broadly as a framework to respond to cohort-specific as well as individual student’s needs at Rossett resulting from previous and on-going disruption to learning as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some students will need different types of pastoral or academic input; some students will require greater or smaller quantities of support. This plan will not account for the myriad of different individual, responsive and bespoke staff (both teaching and support) interventions throughout school which attempt to revisit and reinstate the 3Rs culture in each student and continue to ensure ‘success for everyone.’


Recognising the importance of evidence-based strategies and interventions, educational research organisations (and any published research/reports) such as The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the Chartered College of Teaching were consulted whilst formulating and prioritising any selected strategies and interventions. To inform any approach to the Covid-19 Catch-Up Strategy the attached strategy framework will be used to guide and inform any action and decisions taken.

Click here to download Rossett School's Covid-19 Catch-up Strategy.