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Rossett School EMS for Cognition and Learning

Linked to the NYCC Local Offer for SEND, Rossett School is part of North Yorkshire’s network of Enhanced Mainstream Schools providing specialist advice and outreach support for children with Cognition and Learning Difficulties.  From our support base in Harrogate, we provide specialist teaching, advice and support to children and young people in primary and secondary schools across Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon, Boroughbridge and surrounding areas. For more information on SEND provision and structure in North Yorkshire, schools and parents are advised the view the NYCC Local Offer and our updated Mainstream Guidance for supporting pupils with SEND.

Additional information for schools and parents regarding our Cognition and Learning service can be found below:

What are cognition and learning difficulties?

Our team’s remit of supporting children with cognition and learning difficulties covers a whole multitude of areas. Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, DCD (developmental coordination disorder, also known as dyspraxia), dysgraphia and dyscalculia amongst others are common within our caseload. However, we also support children and their schools with working memory and processing speed difficulties, issues with organisation and executive function as well as sensory processing and perception needs.

The Cognition and Learning Team at Rossett School

Tracy Locking Specialist Teacher

How we can Support you

Advice, training and support on:

  • Curriculum differentiation and personalised learning;
  • Identification of specific needs;
  • Modification of the learning environment / the physical and educational implications of specific conditions;
  • Access arrangements;
  • Modelling and coaching of teaching approaches and support for targeted pupils within the mainstream schools;
  • Transitions;
  • Professional development for staff.

Making a Pupil Referral for EMS Intervention and Support 

Every school is expected to have reviewed its provision in relation to an individual child prior to any referral to an EMS. This should include a school being able to identify the adaptations it has made to curriculum, environment, policies, procedures and support in order to try and meet a child’s needs.

Schools are advised to discuss a potential referral with the Cognition and Learning team before making a referral. If the school feels that a referral for a specific pupil is appropriate, schools will need to complete the Request for Involvement Form as well as gather the following supporting documentation:

  • Request for Involvement Form (for electronic submission);
  • Update / put together the pupil’s Inclusion Passport;
  • Discuss this process with parents and obtain parental permission for EMS intervention;
  • Update / put together an Individual Provision Map;
  • Gather assessment data;
  • Gather reports from other agencies who may be involved;
  • Gather examples of work and unaided writing.

Where appropriate, the Cognition and Learning team will work with the school, pupil and parents to prepare and maintain a Record of Support and Intervention (RoSI). This includes assessment information based on discussions, observations, and where necessary, standardised tests. The pupil’s progress will be reviewed and evaluated as often as needed.

How to Contact the Rossett EMS Cognition and Learning Team for Advice

Telephone: 01423 564444 ext.351                                    


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