Year 11 Intervention

Year 11 Intervention


Intervention/Support Sessions for Y11

As our Year 11 students begin to prepare for the external exams this summer staff have planned the following intervention/support sessions that will run every week:

Biology – Wednesday and Thursday after school.
Chemistry – Wednesday after school in Lab 3.
Physics – Thursday after school in Lab 8.

Spanish – 1:1 support by Mrs Jackson after school on a Thursday.
Spanish – ‘Aim Higher’ Monday after school with Mr Halliwell and Mrs Bowman.
French – Monday lunchtimes with Mrs Clarkson.

Mr West’s class – after school on a Monday.
Mr Otway’s class – 20 minute YouTube live sessions at 8pm on a Sunday night on Mr Otway’s YouTube channel, MrAOtway.
Philosophy and Ethics

Miss Veitch – Wednesday after school.

Mondays after school with Mrs Martin.

Each Year 11 Maths teacher runs a Maths catch up once a week for their class. Students can attend any class but usually students attend their own class teacher’s session. Students should check with their teacher to find out when the most relevant one takes place.
Computer Science

Wednesday after school in PC10.
Product Design and Design Technology

Thursday after school.

Homework drop-in/club for Y11 students on a Monday after school. Starts on Monday 22nd January 3.10pm in R12 and R13.

Tuesday and Wednesday. Both sessions will be the same so students do not need to attend both of them.

GCSE Drama Performance Exam

Arts intervention sessions for Y11
Drama GCSE – every day after school (Wed specifically for written work / Mon, Tues, Thurs + Fri for practical rehearsals
Performing Arts – Tuesday and Wednesday after school
Music Listening – Mondays  after school in M1
Music composition – Thursdays after school in M1
Art Monday – Thursday after school in the Art Block