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Summer 2018

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Summer 2018

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Summer 2018

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Year 11 Revision Session Timetable
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Examination Results 2017

Key Stage 4

Students studied over 30 Level 2 courses (a mixture of GCSEs and BTECs)

75% of students achieved in line with or above the national average in their best 8 subjects

75% of students gained 5+ A*-C

100% of students gained 5+ A*-G

69% of students gained 5+ A*-C with English and Maths

80% of students gained A*-C in English

78% of students gained A*-C in Maths

73% of students gained A*-C in at least 2 Sciences

42% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate

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Sixth Form

Students studied over 30 Level 3 courses (a mixture of A Levels and BTECs)

25% of students gained A*-A

45% of students gained A*-B

75% of students gained A*-C

99% of students gained A*-E

39% of students who continued their studies at university went to Russell Group or Sutton Trust institutions.

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Appeals Process

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Enquires about Examination Results

Enquiries about results may be requested by teaching staff or candidates if there are reasonable grounds for believing there may have been an error in marking. Copies of candidates scripts may be requested to be used for Teaching and Learning.
Enquiries about Results – Access to Scripts

Exam Reforms

Key Stage 4

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Key Stage 5