Staff List

Staff List

"Staff have created a caring ethos where all students feel valued."

"Good teaching and outstanding provision in areas such as the curriculum and pastoral care "

"Students say that it is a 'fair' school and that staff listen to their opinions and act on them."

Quotes from Ofsted 2010

Leadership Team

Ms H Woodcock Headteacher
Mrs L Macaulay Deputy Headteacher
Mr C Stone Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Richardson Assistant Headteacher
Mr A Norrington Assistant Headteacher
Mr E Dyke Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Daly Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs H Thompson Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr B Foley Director of Sixth Form
Mr J Joyce Director of Finance
Mr R Beever Lead Teacher Intervention and Success Strategies
Mr C Oldfield Lead Teacher Data & Assessment

Year Teams

Mrs D Banyard Student Support Officer: Year 7
Mr M Sweetman Director of Learning: Transition & Year 7
Ms P Mills Student Support Officer: Year 8
Miss S Cameron Director of Learning: Year 8
Mrs G Reynolds Student Support Officer: Year 9
Mrs V Young Director of Learning: Year 9
Mrs C Saunders Student Support Officer: Year 10
Mrs C Russell Student Support Officer: Year 11
Miss E Horsfall Assistant Director of Learning: Year 10 & 11
Mr R Beever Director of Learning: Year 10 & Year 11
Mrs V Chaplin Attendance Officer: Sixth Form
Mrs J Guinness Student Support Officer: Sixth Form
Mrs H Grabham Deputy Director of Sixth Form
Mr B Foley Director of Sixth Form

Behaviour Support

Mr G Davies Director of Behaviour Support
Mrs H Sinclair Behaviour Support Officer (Key Stage 3)

Attendance Officer

Mrs S Ashman Attendance Officer



Mr M Fenton Director of Studies:Social Inclusion
Mr C McPhillimy i/c Alternative Education
Mrs C Butler HLTA
Mrs J Clark HLTA
Mrs A Megginson HLTA
Mr I Scrimger Director of Studies: Access & SEN
Mrs S Murray Teaching Assistant
Miss M McCabe Teaching Assistant
Miss P Moore Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Murphy Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Terzza Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Walker EMS SpLD – Advanced Teaching Assistant
Miss Z Friend EMS SpLD – Specialist Teacher
Mrs T Locking EMS SpLD – Specialist Teacher


Mrs A McLurg Director of Studies: Arts
Mrs H Davison i/c Art & Design
Mrs M Warden Teacher of Art
Miss L Askew Teacher of Drama/Teacher of Cover
Mrs Z Binns Teacher of Drama
Mrs C Merrett Teacher of Drama
Mr R Durbin i/c Music
Mrs F Waddington Teacher of Music/i/c Instrumental Tuition


Mrs G Brown Director of Studies
Miss L Bannar-Martin Lead Practitioner
Miss A Kelly Lead Practitioner
Mr J Carder Lead Practitioner
Miss B Tolliday Lead Practitioner
Miss E Collins Teacher of English
Mr S Dale Teacher of English
Ms R Dargie Teacher of English
Mr T Elcock Teacher of English
Mrs E Fazakerley Teacher of English/Literacy Coordinator
Mrs C Hughes Teacher of English
Mrs L Macaulay Teacher of English
Ms K MacDonald Teacher of English
Miss J Mann Teacher of English
Mrs J McGillan Teacher of English
Mrs N Potter Teacher of English
Mrs L Taylor Teacher of English
Mr J Wolfram Trainee Teacher of English/Teacher of Cover

Maths & ICT

Mr A Binns Director of Studies
Mr I Hopkins KS5 Maths & ICT Coordinator
Mr S Tatterton KS3 Coordinator
Mrs T Davies Maths Intervention Coordinator
Miss O Barrow Teacher of Maths
Mrs K Boland Teacher of Maths
Mrs C Easton Teacher of Maths
Mrs P Everingham Teacher of Maths
Mrs E Grainger Teacher of Maths
Miss H Markham Teacher of Maths
Miss T Murtagh Teacher of Maths
Mr O Saunderson Teacher of Maths
Mr E Dyke Director of Studies: ICT
Miss L Warburton i/c ICT
Mr M Pears Teacher of ICT
Mr D Reader Teacher of ICT
Mrs R Sagu Teacher of ICT
Mr A Surtees Teacher of ICT
Mr R Ulman Teacher of ICT


Mrs B Bowman Director of Studies
Mr C Halliwell i/c French
Miss M Chauvet Teacher of MFL
Mrs L Clarkson Teacher of MFL
Mrs C Jackson Teacher of MFL/Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Mrs L Normand Teacher of MFL
Miss G Ramiro Teacher of MFL


Mr R Sykes Director of Studies/ i/c Physics
Mr J Lee Lead Practitioner – Biology
Miss E Edwards Lead Practitioner – Chemistry
Mr A Bentley Teacher of Science
Mrs H Claydon Teacher of Science
Miss P Cull Teacher of Science
Miss R Hatfield Teacher of Science
Mrs K Longster Teacher of Science
Mrs R McManus Teacher of Science
Mr A Newman Teacher of Science
Mr C Oldfield Teacher of Science/Lead Teacher Data & Assessment
Mr C Phillips Teacher of Science
Mrs S Robertson Teacher of Science
Mrs J Sykes Teacher of Science
Mr P Thomson Teacher of Science

Social Science

Mr A Otway Director of Learning: Social Science
Miss K Birkett i/c Bus Studies
Mr B Foley Teacher of Business Studies
Mr R Beever Teacher of Business Studies
Mrs L Martin i/c Geography
Miss E Horsfall Teacher of Geography
Mrs S Leeming Teacher of Geography/Health & Social Care
Mr A Norrington Teacher of Geography
Mr C Stone Teacher of Geography
Mrs K Strowbridge Teacher of Geography
Mr C Wilson Teacher of Geography
Mrs R McFarlane i/c History
Mr D West Teacher of History
Miss S Cameron Teacher of History/Sociology
Miss C Reed i/c Psychology/Sociology
Mr L Blackburn Teacher of Psychology/Sociology/i/c PSHE
Mrs V Newsome Teacher of Psychology/Health & Social Care
Miss S Welsh Teacher of Psychology
Mrs V Farr i/c Religious Studies
Miss N Veitch Teacher of Religious Studies/AMA + Aim Higher Coordinator

Sports Studies

Mr R Bradshaw Director of Studies
Miss K Fairbairn KS4 Coordinator
Mr M Bulmer KS3 Coordinator
Miss S Hopkins Teacher of Sports Studies
Mr R O'Sullivan Teacher of Sports Studies
Miss N Mooney Teacher of Sports Studies
Miss I Rowe Teacher of Sports Studies
Mr M Sweetman Teacher of Sports Studies
Miss R Turner Teacher of Sports Studies


Mrs A-M Phelps Director of Studies
Miss M Parker i/c Food Technology & Textiles
Miss J Hellawell Teacher of Technology
Miss A Richardson Teacher of Technology
Mrs L Shepherd Teacher of Technology
Miss S Winterschladen Teacher of Food Technology
Miss V Young Teacher of Technology


Mrs A Alderman HR Officer
Mrs D Delaney Office Manager
Mrs D Duncan PA to Headteacher/HR Manager
Mrs T Harrison Finance Officer
Mrs M Higgins HR Officer
Miss P Higgins Exams Officer
Mrs J Huett Resource Centre Administrator
Mrs J Jones Finance Officer
Mr R Lorusso Projects & Premises: Business Manager
Mr J Lyon Sports Centre Manager
Ms T Milner HR Administrator
Mrs J Murphy Clerical Assisstant
Mrs I Peat Finance Business Manager
Mrs P Quick Finance Officer
Ms H Rogers First Aid & Health Manager
Mr P Underwood IT Systems Administrator
Miss A Wade Student Data & Progress Manager
Mrs R Wignall Clerical Asst/Careers
Miss J Scott Student Administration Assistant


Mr S Ashburn Executive Chef
Miss L Tinkler Assistant Chef
Mrs E Izidro Assistant Chef
Mrs M Groves Asst Catering Mgr
Miss K Borka Catering Assistant
Mrs C Guevarra Catering Assistant
Miss N Jenner Catering Assistant
Mrs M Kristiansen Catering Assistant
Mrs L Lee Catering Assistant
Ms E Migliori Catering Assistant
Mr M Price Catering Assistant
Mrs J Wilson Catering Assistant


Mr D Cracknell Site Manager
Mr A Beckett Deputy Site Manager
Mr G Bovio Asst Site Manager
Mr D Ford Asst Site Manager
Mr O Watson Asst Site Manager

Foreign Language Assistants

Mrs L Germain Foreign Language Assistant
Mrs J Johnson Foreign Language Assistant

Learning Managers

Mr G Matthews Learning Manager
Miss L Oliver-Walsh Learning Manager

Rossett Community Partnership

Mrs M Horberry Community Partnerhsip Officer
Mrs C Park-Peyton Community Partnership Administrator


Mrs J Barker Science Technician
Mr M Barlow Senior Technology Technician
Mr J Barrott IT Technician
Miss M Geldart Arts Technician
Mr C Gregson Trainee Science Technician
Mrs J Heaton Snr Science Technician
Mrs L Lee Resources Technician