School Uniform

School Uniform

Rossett School believes that all students should attend school smartly dressed in a distinctive way and we expect all our students to wear the clothes specified properly. We feel that it communicates a sense of pride in oneself, the school and their family.

The Uniform and Supplies Order Form can be found here.

The School Uniform should be followed at all times when in school or when representing the school.  It symbolises good standards and, in preparing young people for the world of work, it is important for them to recognise the need for appropriate dress.

When selecting the uniform the school has ensured that the choice is simple and unambiguous so that the requirements are easily understood without confusion by students, parents and staff.  The uniform also takes into account cost and ensures that the items are easily obtainable without undue strain on family budgets.uniform1



Religious headwear may be worn as long as it is plain black/white.

 The main elements of the Uniform Policy are:

Outdoor clothing                      

We do not specify particular outdoor clothing but we do not allow any coats or bags which carry slogans or  pictures which could be seen as offensive, or which appear to be supporting illegal activities. ‘Hoodies’ are not allowed.

PE and Games Kit



It is essential that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the student’s name. This will enable identification and return if they are misplaced.


Every student needs a strong, suitable bag to carry books, iPads, equipment, PE kit etc.


We ask parents to ensure that all students arrive at school with a minimum of pen, pencil, rubber and ruler.


The use of bikes to travel to school is encouraged.  The school has a secure, bike shed.  Students should obtain a bike shed key from the Finance Office for a returnable deposit of £3 and should also provide a bike lock to lock their own bike into the shed.


Students should keep any items of significant value with them at all times. We endeavour to ensure the security of students’ possessions and provide a bag room for each year group.


Students may wear one small stud in one, or both, ear lobe(s).  No other form of jewellery is allowed. This includes necklaces/bracelets, other than for religious reasons, and any form of facial or body piercing.   Please note that parents and students are requested to respect the rules on jewellery and to have any new piercings at the beginning of the summer holiday to enable jewellery to be removed easily.


Make-up is not allowed – including nail varnish.

Hair Style

Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school. Extremes of fashion in length, style and colour may result in students being sent home or into isolation. Before students have their hair dyed an unusual colour or adopt a different style, parents should consult the appropriate year team to ensure that the colour and style are acceptable.  Tram lines are not permitted.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Chewing gum

This is not allowed in school.

Please note that the details listed show what is currently acceptable in school.  However we reserve the right to respond to changes in fashion and make changes to the above policy as necessary.  We also reserve the right to check departures from the accepted norms and to take appropriate action.  Any parent who is unclear about our requirements must, in their own interests, contact school before making any purchase.