The Right Angle – Issue 29 – Autumn 2015

In this issue: New Developments, Arts / Music, Sixth Form / A Level & GCSE, Meet the Team, Celebration Assemblies, Transition / Admissions, Inspirations, Sports / Arts

Welcome to the Autumn edition of The Right Angle.

At the beginning of another academic year at Rossett it is a pleasure and privilege to announce that we open this September with the best set of Sixth Form results that the school has ever had, with over fifty percent of our students achieving A*, A or B grades in their results. In addition twenty five percent of the results at Key Stage 4 in English Literature and Mathematics were either
A* or A grade. Our results conclusively prove that Rossett School, offers academic excellence in all subjects and fantastic progress for every student.

Over the summer months Rossett has had a ‘facelift’ with new windows, roof replacements, additional classrooms added and a major ‘million pound’ programme of refurbishment in anticipation
of the increased numbers in the school this September. I look forward to welcoming back new and existing students, parents and the community into our school this term.

Headteacher: Ms Woodcock

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The Right Angle – Issue 28 – Summer 2015

In this issue: Science Week, Sixth Form, Year 7, Food Glorious Food, English Literacy, Sports/Arts

Welcome to our last Right Angle of the academic year.

The examination period for our Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form students is well underway and, as we look towards next September, I have been meeting our new Year 7 students in a series of school visits; it has been a pleasure to meet local partner primary headteachers and staff as part of this process.

This year we were awarded a national prize of £5,000 in recognition of the progress that students make at Rossett School; we were commended for ‘increasing attainment in a sustained manner.’

My pleasure in this award lay not in the financial gain for the school, but in the fact that we had been chosen for raising the attainment of all students, particularly those who are disadvantaged.

Our aim is to provide ‘Success for Everyone’ through promoting our three Rs culture of learning (Responsibility, Resilience and Reflectiveness) and this award recognises the inclusive nature of the education we provide.

Headteacher: Ms Woodcock

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The Right Angle – Issue 27 – Spring 2015

In this Issue: Fundraising, Languages, Arts, Sixth Form, Sports

As the last of the winter weather fades and spring has finally arrived at Rossett, we have been looking to the challenges and changes ahead.

In terms of challenge, our students in Years 11, 12 and 13 are preparing for the final countdown with just weeks to go until the first of the annual round of GCSE, BTEC and A level examinations; all staff are rallying round to support them in their preparation. We wish them well in their forthcoming assessments and take a closer look at our Sixth Form provision in this issue.

I have been privileged to spend some time working with the Sixth Form in our English faculty particularly some of our Literature students who challenged me to discuss the finer points of dystopian fiction!

In terms of the changes since September we have looked again at our core functions as a school and reflected on how we can rise to the challenge of making an outstanding school better. This has meant reviewing everything from our teaching to our catering, from our facilities to our communication with parents. The results have been positive and we are putting to the test some of the suggestions provided by students, staff and parents.

I am also setting up a Parents’ Forum: my intention is to provide a channel for parents and guardians to meet with the SLT to look at key aspects of our provision – such as communication, teaching and learning, the possible format of PTA support – on a regular basis. Our first meeting is in April this year and the topic is Home/School communication.

As you can see from this edition of our magazine, we are celebrating the tremendous teamwork and individual success in a number of areas: Rossett Art at the Saatchi Gallery; the national and international profile of our Languages’ department; sporting triumphs and community action.

Headteacher: Ms Woodcock

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The Right Angle – Issue 26 – Autumn 2014

In this issue: New Headteacher, Science, Digital, Primary Liason, Exams, Tour de France.

I am proud and privileged to be leading a school that has achieved so much already as a result of Pat Hunter’s vision, and I am looking forward to working with the students, staff and parents at Rossett to build on these foundations in the years to come.

It has been another impressive year for examination results at both GCSE and in our Sixth Form and our newsletter and assemblies have communicated to the students how proud we are of their achievements. It is fair to say that as a school we are not complacent however – we expect all students to continue to strive for improvement within the supportive culture here.

I have been very impressed by the enthusiasm for learning and teaching throughout the school and have spent the first couple of weeks greeting new staff and welcoming Year 7s to Rossett. We have our largest intake ever with 290 students joining us from various primary schools. The impact of these numbers was particularly evident in the first week of term when our whole school assembly proved to be an exercise in logistics, only just fitting all staff and years 7-13 in the sports’ hall. The new school uniform has been admired by many; the combination of the new-style black and red jumpers and the ‘R’ logo on the school tie give a clear sense of identity to our students.

For me, the ‘new and exciting’ elements to the start of the school year have been combined with the demands of tricky boilers, site improvement and learning the names of over a hundred staff. I have yet to master the entire roll-call of our 1,600 students!

I am clear that the school’s intention to provide an excellent education for everyone is at the heart of every decision that I make, and I am fortunate to be supported by an excellent teaching and support staff here at Rossett.

Ms Woodcock

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The Right Angle – Issue 25 – Summer 2014

In This Issue: Reflections, Arts, International, Students, Sixth Form, General, Sports

Reflecting on my ten years at Rossett, it has been a great pleasure and a privilege for me to be the Headteacher of this extraordinary school.

With academic excellence our first priority, we have worked together so that all our young people receive the best education we can provide. Central to our purpose is to ensure that our students leave Rossett as confident, articulate and self-motivated young adults, determined to succeed.

I am proud of our Culture of Learning, which allows the students to be reflective, responsible and resilient in their education so that our inclusive community is one where all can aspire and achieve. I have had an incredible journey at Rossett; one for which I would like to thank all staff, governors and students. This could not have been achieved without tremendous teamwork.

Mrs P Hunter

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The Right Angle – Issue 24 – Spring 2014

In this issue: Spring at Rossett, Sixth Form, Fundraising, Arts, Literacy, History, Sport.

With the academic year almost half way through, this edition of the Right Angle reflects just a fraction of the many exciting things that have been happening since September.

I am pleased to feature the Student Council, which is an integral part of our student voice. Elected representatives from each year group meet regularly with me to discuss various issues such as teaching and learning and the school environment.

In this way the student body is able to be part of the decision-making process and help to shape the ethos of the school. The aim is to include everyone in the school through year councils, which then feed in the ideas to the whole school student council. In this way all views are respected and discussed.

As well as providing a forum to discuss views and opinions students learn from being exposed to real life challenges and issues.

Mrs P Hunter

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The Right Angle – Issue 23 – Autumn 2013

In this issue: New Look, 40 Years Celebration, Year 7 Annual Report, Primary Liaison, Making an impact, Crossing the finish line.

We have had another excellent set of examination results with our students yet again breaking all previous GCSE records. 97% achieved 5+ A*-C and 73% 5+A*-C with English and Maths in Year 11. Year 9 and Year 10 also did well with significant numbers achieving the highest grades at GCSE. (Cover photo).

The results are an important achievement for Rossett students. The last nine years have seen increases year on year but this year’s results show a significant increase of 5% against the National trend for 5+ A*-C with English and Maths.

Post 16 attainment is equally impressive with our A level pass rate of 99.2% of which 36% were A*-B and 16.3% A*-A grade.

This is a reflection of our persistent focus on teaching and learning, the hard work and dedication of staff and students together with incredible support from families.

Congratulations to everyone.

Mrs P Hunter

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The Right Angle – Issue 22 – Summer 2013

In this issue: Sixth Form, Science, Performing Arts, IT, Sports

This year we have had students joining us from a variety of places such as China, France, Greece, Denmark and the Philippines as well as other schools in the UK. From this we gain a rich cultural diversity, which strengthens and empowers
our successful learning. Moving schools is never easy, but I am delighted that our students have made a smooth transition reflecting our positive ethos. Students have quoted that “Rossett has some of the best staff I have ever met but what has helped me settle in is the kindness of the students” and “Rossett is a ray of sunshine that can warm your heart even in a cold winter.”

Pat Hunter

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