Rossett News Update – 18 March 2016

British Science Week1

In celebration of British Science Week, Years 7 and 8 had an opportunity to understand some of the science behind ‘The Martian’ movie during their lunch break.

On Monday, the ExoMars orbiter lifted off to study the red planet’s atmosphere and to drop off a lander to study surface conditions in more detail. The race is on to get humans on Mars!

On Tuesday students had the chance to design and test an HAB in which explorers might live. This has to protect from cosmic rays and the fine dust of Mars which can damage electronic equipment and cause respiratory problems.

The International Space Station now has its own 3D printer and on Wednesday the students designed some useful tools and equipment which could be made on Mars instead of having to use valuable cargo space on trips from Earth.

Finally, on Thursday students tested soil samples indicative of three different regions on the surface of Mars with a view to using the soil to grow vegetables. They tested pH and nitrate levels and confirmed that potatoes will definitely grow in the Martian soil.
Although sending humans to Mars is quite a while off, NASA and it’s international scientific partners are busy planning and testing for just such a mission. Will there be a Rossett Alumni on Mars in the future?

 AS Geography field Trip3

The AS Geographers have had a very busy and rewarding week away on fieldwork. Four long days out at various locations, (Bilsdale, Flamborough Head, Hornsea, Withernsea, Spurn Point and more), collecting data, making observations and questioning the general public. To their horror they had to work in the classroom until 9.00pm, on top of their daily chores: they did not have a moment to spare. For many the highlight was Easington gas terminal through which 25% of the UK’s gas enters the country. Security levels are incredibly high on the site but we were all allowed access and enjoyed an enlightening presentation and tour given by two of their engineers.


Congratulations to Miss Reed who successfully won the first heat of Durham University’s Three Minute Thesis competition and will now progress to the next round. Miss Reed, who is completing her Doctorate of Education at the university was challenged to summarise her 60,000 word thesis in to three minutes whilst ensuring it was suitable for a non specialist audience.

Lloyd Hartley Memorial Prize4

We are delighted to hear from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music that Alexander Dallas has won the Lloyd Hartley Memorial Prize for Pianoforte in Harrogate.  The prize is awarded to the candidate who gains the highest marks in Grade 8.  Congratulations Alexander.

Sport Relief

Students have raised over £1700 today for Sport Relief and we also received a great response to our request for unwanted football kit for the charity Kits4causes. The charity will be sending these through to young people in Africa.  Thank you for your support.

Community Youth Publication

Well done to Year 13 students Jamie Sockett, Jack Lowerson, Heather Schofield, Elizabeth Myles and Jasmine Plascott who, as part of a local youth group,  were invited to attend a North Yorkshire Child Sexual Exploitation Conference to present their educational novel and  interactive video entitled ‘Web of Lies’.  The objective of their novel is to educate young people on the awareness and prevention of child sexual exploitation. Members of North Yorkshire County Council were so impressed that they have expressed a wish to publish these resources.

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