Rossett News Update – 9 February 2018

Rotary club success

This week two groups of Rossett students took part in the annual, regional Rotary Technology competition. They had to work together to design and make a crane, using motors and gears. This was then tested to move along a track and pick up a weight.  Congratulations to the Year 10 group (Karthik Krishnan, Bram Fisher, Evelyn Richards and Vicky Naylor)  who came in 3rd place, winning them Bronze prize.  The Year 9 group (Josh Simpson, Oliver Nalder, Amy Oliver and Emma Guneyogullari) also performed very well and enjoyed the experience.


Sixth Form Debating Team

On Tuesday, the Sixth Form Debating Team took part in the regional round of the Oxford School’s Debating Competition at Sheffield High School.  Arran Kennedy and Shaun  Wilson took part in two debates against a number of different schools. In their first debate, they argued in favour of the motion ‘This house believes animal testing should be banned’. In their second debate, they were arguing against the motion ‘This house believes citizens should take a current affairs test before being able to vote’.  The team were fantastic and won both their debates against some difficult competition. 

Year 9 MenACWY/DTP vaccinations catchup session

The immunisation team will be visiting Rossett on 28 March to administer vaccinations to any Year 9 students who did not have valid consent/permissions from parents/carers when they visited in January.  Further details have been sent to Parents/Carers – please return all completed consent forms to the First Aid room.

Arts intervention sessions for Y11
Drama GCSE – every day after school (Wed specifically for written work / Mon, Tues, Thurs + Fri for practical rehearsals
Performing Arts – Tuesday and Wednesday after school
Music Listening – Mondays  after school in M1
Music composition – Thursdays after school in M1
Art Monday- Thursday after school in the Art Block


One of our Teaching Assistants (Mrs Terzza) has taught more than 100 students to knit over the past few years.

Knitting has been scientifically proven to calm anxiety, lower stress levels and help with depression. The rhythmic repetitive movements, calm the heart rate and breathing. Knitting has therapeutic benefits for both mind and body, improving concentration and focus, leaving students happier and calmer.

Rossett students have created a very colourful scarf, which is on its way to a homeless recipient – someone in need of a little warmth. The students have had many thoughtful discussions along the way, about the issues of being homeless.’

With the scarf, goes a note with one hundred (first) names of students who have learnt a new skill and who wish to pass on their best wishes to its new owner.

What’s happening after half term …

19-23 February

Monday 19 February

Thursday 23 February

Ms Woodcock