Rossett News Update – 12 January 2018

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all parents and students from all staff at Rossett School.

Mock success

This week Years 11,12 and 13 celebrated their success in having performed extremely well in their mock exams before Christmas.  The students had a ‘mock results’ day on Wednesday with their Directors of Learning handing out the dreaded ‘official’ envelopes. Tutors were on hand to work with Year 11 and Sixth Form to look at mock results against expected targets.  Most students were pleased with their outcomes; all know that there is still much more to do in terms of hard work to revision as we start our next two ‘short’ terms before Easter (five weeks until February half term and then five weeks, four days before Easter).

Peace Poster Competition

Last term students took part in the Harrogate Lions Peace Poster Competition.  The theme was ‘The future of Peace’.  Congratulations to Connie Smith and Freya Hoare (Year 8) who were the competition winners – their certificates were presented to them during the celebration assembly at the end of last term.

End of school pickup

As a school we appreciate that pickup at the end of the school day is a difficult time.  However, as a school it is important that we work with the local community and we have been contacted by the residents of Hartley Road (opposite the Sports Centre entrance) who are concerned for the safety of pedestrians by the number of cars using the road.  They would particularly ask that drivers are considerate when parking and do not park across driveways thus blocking access for residents. Thank you.

Year 9 MenACWY/DTP vaccinations

The MenACWY vaccination for Year 9 students take place next Tuesday 16 January. This vaccination will help protect students again four types of meningococcal bacteria that cause meningitis and septicaemia.  Students will also receive the DTP booster vaccine to help protect them against diphtheria, tetanus and polio.  Information regarding the vaccinations has been emailed to all Year 9 parents – any parent who has not signed their child up can still do so using the NHS link ( and these students will be included in the catch up session later in the year.


Please be aware that the roadworks on Otley Road (traffic lights between Beckwith Road and Crag Lane) have started this week.

Roadworks have also started at the Burn Bridge Lane junction with the A61 and Burn Bridge Lane is closed.

Both roadworks are due to last for eight weeks and have caused major delays to buses and ordinary traffic this week.

Re-set Assemblies

By Wednesday of next week, all year groups will have had a reminder of the focus for this term from the Senior Leadership Team.  Assemblies welcomed back each year group to 2018 with a focus on reflecting on last term and thinking about new years’ resolutions; top tips for academic success; and a reminder of the importance of staying safe by reporting any safeguarding issues to the right people in school.

Reminder for parents

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mr M Richardson (

Deputy DSL

Mrs S Ashman (

Congratulations to …

What’s happening next week …

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