Rossett News Update – 15 December 2017

Visit to York University

This week, nine of our A-level Chemistry students travelled to the University of York for an afternoon of organic chemistry. They had the opportunity to synthesise paracetamol from scratch in a university lab and then get hands-on experience of using IR and NMR spectroscopy equipment to check the quality of their product with the support of an expert in NMR.

Mock exams Year 11 and Year 13

In the last few weeks of term Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students have been sitting mock exams in all subject areas.  For many of them it was the first time sitting one of the new style longer terminal papers in our Sports Hall.  All students were impeccably behaved and revised to ensure that they got the most from this experience.

Staff and students are going through the raw results of these assessments before the end of term.  As usual we will be running a formal Results Day where students will receive the ‘dreaded’ brown envelope continuing their overall grades in the first week of January.

Tutors and year teams then work with the students to identify areas for improvement and revision programmes in the weeks going forward to the actual examination preparation period.

Christmas Jumper Day

We have seen some fantastic Christmas jumpers today and have raised over £1800 for Save the Children, giving hope for a brighter future to children around the work.  Thank you to everyone who joined in and donated.

End of term

Wednesday 20 December + Thursday 21 December

Christmas Dinner will be served by the Senior Leadership team on these days, in our Main Dining Hall.  (Please note sandwiches will be available on these days but there will be no salad bar)


We will be holding celebration events during the week.


Friday 22 December

School finishes at 2.10pm for all students.


We have arranged for the buses to run early on Friday 22 December.  Please be aware that no after school clubs will be running and there will be no late bus on this day.


Year 8 Healthy Living Tutor Programme

All Year 8 students have been following the Healthy Living Tutor Programme material this term. They have looked at how sleep, diet and exercise all play a vital part in reducing mental health and physical health concerns. Schools often give advice and guidance to students: eat 5 a day, get 8 hours of sleep a night, increase how much water you drink in a day and attend the clubs that are available both inside and outside of school.

This time around, the Year 8 pastoral team thought they would ‘act’ rather than just ‘discuss’ lifestyle changes, we thought that this would send a more powerful message. On 4th, 5th and 6th December 260 students walked, power-walked, jogged or ran a mile during form time at the start of the day. This was a real spectacle, the students entered into the spirit of the event running round with footballs or rugby balls and huge smiles on their faces.

As a community event it was a real success. Although the initiative only lasted three days we hope that one or two students might have been moved to join extra-curricular clubs or do a little HIIT (high -intensity interval training) at home themselves. They enjoyed the opportunity to do something as a whole year group.


Today some of our students met with Rabbi Pink to discuss Hanukkah and its meaning and importance. They looked at some of the ways Hanukkah is celebrated, including making doughnuts and olive oil pressing.

Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights. The word Hanukkah means rededication and celebrates one of the greatest miracles in Jewish history. Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting one candle on the Hanukiah (an eight-stemmed candelabrum) each day. The Hanukiah symbolises how God looked after the Jewish people at a difficult time in Jewish history.

Year 7 Disco

DJ Dent (former student) did an excellent job at the Year 7 Disco this week.  It was a great success and was enjoyed by all – thanks to the Year 12 students who were involved in the organisation and to the PTA for their support.

What’s happening next week …

Tuesday 19 December

Friday 22 December

Ms Woodcock